John Krakauer gets Montana football rape documents

The Student Press Law Center has the story, here:

Krakauer, author of “Into the Wild” and “Under the Banner of Heaven,” is working on a book about sexual assaults at universities and was seeking information about the 2012 case involving the university’s quarterback, Jordan Johnson.

According to the Helena District Court ruling on Thursday, the university must release the records to Krakauer — with redactions to the player’s name, birth date, social security number, address and phone number — within 21 days.

The court rejected the sort of FERPA claim that UO’s Dave Hubin and Doug Park are using to redact the hell out of the UO rape allegation cover-up records.

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2 Responses to John Krakauer gets Montana football rape documents

  1. anonymous says:

    It is Jon, not John, Krakauer.

  2. Where to put Coltrane says:

    I hate the rape culture of athletics, but I love that Hubin/Park/Gottfredson just got slapped. (Should we throw Coltrane in with them yet? Who does he want to pool with?)

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