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Scott Greenstone in the ODE on UO’s freshman class

Excellent reporting. Read it all, here:

… Targeting low-income students helps diversity because minority students are statistically more likely to fall into the low-income bracket, according to Grant Schoonover, an adviser for Pathway Oregon.

“There’s a greater number of first generation and historically underrepresented students in that cross-section,” Schoonover said.

Students who qualify for Pathway Oregon get a promise from the university that any tuition and fees the federal Pell grant and state grants don’t cover, the UO will absorb.

… But much of this change in diversity could simply be because high schools are getting more diverse, says Peace Bransberger, a research analyst for the Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education.

“If you look at the simple view, you’ll see that even from 2005… entering classes of students are more diverse,” Bransberger said.


  1. Anonymous 09/29/2014

    I’m surprised the reporter didn’t ask about how African American enrollment has stagnated for years at 2% and Native American enrollment continues to hover below 1%. I’m hoping those numbers go up when they are published this year.

  2. Scott G 10/03/2014

    Feeling flattered and appreciative. Thanks for making a transfer student feel welcome.

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