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Coltrane, Bronet take Grad School control away from Shelton

What are the chances they’ll cut Shelton’s bloated salary to reflect his decreased responsibilities? The job ad for the permanent Dean of the Grad School is here:

Note: UO Employees only

The University of Oregon invites internal nominations and applications for the position of Dean of the Graduate School. This position has been reconceived as an independent deanship and will report to the Senior Vice President and Provost. …

Duties of the Position

… LEADERSHIP AND VISION. The Dean must successfully combine administrative leadership with creativity and innovation, developing a vision for the Graduate School and for the future of graduate education at the University by adapting to ongoing changes in graduate education by developing and supporting new opportunities for transformative, rigorous training and student-centered mentorship and support;
representing graduate education in the collaborative environment of the university’s Academic Leadership Team; nurturing initiatives that enrich the diversity of the graduate student population, and managing equity and fairness across the different graduate disciplines and programs; and
ensuring effective collaboration with such units as Academic Affairs, Academic Extension, Enrollment Management, Equity and Inclusion, International Affairs, Research and Innovation, Student Life, and Undergraduate Studies, as well as the Graduate Teaching Fellows Federation, on issues vital to graduate education.

About the Graduate School

The dean provides leadership to an associate dean, who is also a tenured faculty member, and a professional administrative team comprised of Officers of Administration (5.0 FTE) and SEIU-classified staff (3.5 FTE), as well as GTF and student staff, all of whom support of the core purpose of the Graduate School.


  1. Anonymous 10/30/2014

    Brad Shelton isn’t the Dean of the Gradudate School – that would be Andy Berglund.

    • anon 10/30/2014

      Kimberly Espy was VP of Graduate Education as well as Research. When Brad became VP they decided to move GE off of his duties and Andy became interim of GE. So this is just moving ahead with finding a permanent dean of GE.

      • uomatters Post author | 10/30/2014

        Berglund reports to Shelton. As I read the job description the next Dean will instead report directly to Bronet.

      • Happy guy 10/31/2014

        After being under the “direction” of Kimberly Espy, the Graduate School was probably more than ready to separate from that office!

  2. that effing Dog again 10/30/2014

    remember, everyone is interim around her now

    I suggest we rename ourselves to Interim Oregon University
    since that would be IOU and that would certainly be a big plus
    for us getting into the final four for the football tourney

    • uomatters Post author | 10/30/2014

      I’ve got a lot of money tied up in University of Nike coffee cups, but this is an excellent suggestion.

      Any chance you can get it onto a sidewalk stencil?

      • anon 10/30/2014

        and wear some nice shoes for the contest!

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