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Randy Geller finds gainful employment – with Rudnick and Frohnmayer at HLGR

Of course. From the Oregon State Bar website:

Screen Shot 2014-10-06 at 10.42.04 AM

Back in 2011, as UO General Counsel, Geller helped Harrang, Long, Gary and Rudnick get UO’s lucrative contract for outside legal work, shortly after HLGR had hired retiring UO President Dave Frohnmayer – during his UO sabbatical.

Then Geller gave HLGR the job of fighting the UO faculty unionization effort, and then negotiating the CBA.

Then in 2012 Geller wrote a brief for HLGR to support their (successful) efforts to get $864,000 in legal costs from the state, over a lawsuit involving Cylviagate.

Then in May, right in the middle of the basketball rape allegation coverup, Mike Gottfredson announced that Geller was mysteriously “retiring”, as of July 1.

And now two months later he’s got a new job, working for the law firm that he helped to get those fat UO contracts.


  1. OA Anon 10/06/2014

    got your revolving door right here at UO. Nice. I think “UO Special Projects” can be added to that flow chart somehow too.

  2. nobody 10/06/2014

    And the good old boys club cycle continues.

  3. Youngin' 10/06/2014

    I hope HLGR is familiar with Oregon Bar Rule 1.11

      • Fishwrapper 10/06/2014

        Looking at on its face value, Rule 1.11 would normally proscribe the participation of a firm like HLGR in representing the UO, because of DF’s past job as Prez. Indeed, under 1.11(b)(2) there should be a paper trail, showing that “written notice is promptly given to the appropriate government agency to enable it to ascertain compliance with the provisions of [1.11].”

        If HLGR did not present written notice to the UO, that’s a conduct violation. At the very least, maybe the UO is due a refund for unethical conduct on the part of their legal representation.

        Golly gee, if only there were a process by which one could determine if the UO and HLGR created such documents, and by which one could examine them…

  4. Anonymous UO Alum 10/06/2014

    This is known as “deferred compensation” for a job well done!

  5. Licensed 10/06/2014

    With one move Geller has lowered the average IQ at both HLGR and the UO GC’s office.

  6. Keith Appleby 10/08/2014

    I called that months ago. Step 1: Frohnmayer and Geller privatize legal services to the University, Step 2: Go and make tons of money at the firm that you privatize. Geller didn’t resign, he basically just created a a new job for himself and then gave himself a raise.

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