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Four years later, Doug Park is still hiding public records

10/15/2014: Thought I’d repost this email showing that it was current Interim GC Doug Park who sat on the public records requests which eventually led to the firing of Melinda Grier. Park seems to be at it again, with the help of Dave Hubin. The PR Office is using fees, delays, and redactions with abandon.

9/8/2011: RG reporter Ron Bellamy retires

I’ve never met him. But Ron Bellamy is the RG sports reporter who made me realize that what this country needs is political reporters who care as much about politics as sports reporters care about sports. His retirement announcement is here.

Bellamy’s persistent and unanswered public records inquiries about the Mike Bellotti contract ultimately led to a determination by Oregon AG John Kroger that Dave Frohnmayer’s longtime general counsel Melinda Grier had “provided deficient legal representation” to UO:

Richard Lariviere fired her. UO has been better ever since. Bellotti took his millions and split. UO’s new AD Ron Mullens is not going to repeat Mike Belotti’s mistakes – he’s on to a whole set of new ones. Dave Frohnmayer is no longer collecting a UO paycheck. Meanwhile Doug Park is still in the GC’s office, and his new boss is Randy Geller – Melinda Grier’s old assistant. Plenty of interesting stories left for Mr. Bellamy’s successors.

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  1. Trickortreat 10/15/2014

    Maybe just maybe Coltrane will see the light and get rid of Park. The legacy of the GC’s office needs a fresh start without the repugnant odor and stains left by Grier, Park and Geller. Oh and the Frohn is still on the payroll because I’m sure neither he or Mikey Bellotti will ever give up their ludicrous retirement pay. Start fresh in the GC and avoid any further disasters. Get some lawyers who are willing to litigate for the school in there and not some overpaid schmucks who have to contract the work out costing the school more money.

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