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Where’s Dave Hubin on Public Records?

Coltrane has said he’d clean this up. So what’s the hold-up now?

Hi Dave, any progress on the info requests below?

Bill Harbaugh
UO Prof. of Economics

On TuesdayOct 7, 2014, at 9:09 AM, Bill Harbaugh <[email protected]> wrote:

Thanks Dave, also can you pass on any info about PRAAG meetings or annual reports from the PRO office, since the 6/5/2013 meeting?

Bill Harbaugh
UO Prof. of Economics

On TuesdayOct 7, 2014, at 9:06 AM, David Hubin <[email protected]> wrote

I believe that what you have is the last thing that I conveyed about student journalist’s requests. I am asking Lisa Thornton to give me updated data on this. Also, because the approach we take to meeting student journalist’s needs involves our Office of Communication, I will check with Julie Brown to see if she has information on student journalist requests that were met fully without involving the public records process.


From: Bill Harbaugh [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: Tuesday, October 07, 2014 12:15 AM
To: David Hubin
Cc: Scott Maier; Naomi Zack; Regina Psaki
Subject: Re: Statement on Serving Student Journalists

Hi Dave

I’m wondering if you have any more recent public records related to the question of fee waivers for student journalists, after that below, which you sent me last year.


Bill Harbaugh
UO Prof. of Economics

On TuesdayDec 17, 2013, at 12:07 PM, David Hubin <[email protected]> wrote:

This note is in response to your queries about fee waivers for student journalists. In your e-mails you cc’d the other two members of the Senate Transparency Committee, so I assuming that your request is in your role as chair of that committee. I am cc’ing those two members and also the membership of the PRAAG that gave us thoughtful guidance on this matter. (Margie will, as the STC member of the PRAAG, receive this twice.)

This September, after representatives from across campus, including from our school of journalism, the ASUO, as well as student journalists participated in a discussion regarding how best to approach this matter, the Public Records Administrative Advisory Group recommended, with apparent unanimity, the following approach to student journalists seeking public records:
1) Student journalists (as all journalists) are encouraged to make the Office of Strategic Communications their first step in seeking information from the University. The professionals in that office can help journalists obtain interviews, allowing the appropriate administrator to answer questions and provide relevant documents directly to the journalist. Additionally, the Office of Communications can assist journalists in focusing their inquiries. When inquiries are specific and clear, the possibility of providing documents at no cost to the journalists increases significantly.
2) In cases where direct contact with an appropriate administrator does not meet the journalist’s needs, the journalist should proceed in making a Public Records Request. If desired, our Public Records Officer will work with journalists, student or professional, to narrow the request with the intention of reducing, or whenever possible, eliminating associated fees.
3) In cases where the journalist wishes to seek records that go beyond our practice of waiving fees for tasks that involve less than an hour of work, the student journalist and the professional journalist will be treated in the same manner; they will be charged for the actual cost of providing documents.

In the months since we have emphasized to student journalists that their first stop should be with the Office of Communications, the steps outlined above have made it possible, with one single exception, to meet all student journalist requests with no fees being assessed.

David R. Hubin, Ph.D.
Senior Assistant to the President
University of Oregon
(541) 346 3036

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