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  1. obvious priorities says:

    In the meantime, Duck football was ready for watching.

    “Let’s all remember we’re part of this shared university community,” Coltrane said in his statement. “I hope to be able to take some time, either at the Matthew Knight Arena watch party or at home, to enjoy tonight’s PAC 12 championship game as a reminder of the passion we feel for our University of Oregon.”

    The strike enters its fifth day on Saturday.

  2. anonymous says:

    It’s pretty fucking sad when UO football is mentioned in a memo about the GTF strike! and it’s a good example of how belittling the administration is towards anyone “under” them. It’s hard to imagine how Scott Coltrane sleeps at night, having to repudiate his own research day after day. Really I would be ashamed to have attended this school except that in my day we actually cared about academics, and not so much about sports….