4 Responses to “Crap-free UO homepage”

  1. Three-Toed Sloth says:

    Here’s a handy fix: in your bookmarks, edit the attributes for your link to uoregon.edu to uoregon.edu/*

    You’ll get a “Page Not Found” error message, followed by the array of useful links, and no crap. You can type in anything after the backslash, such as “goducks!,” and it will work, as long as the resulting URL it is pointless and leads nowhere.

  2. Dog says:

    Okay then
    for global warming, use this

    Please Enable Javascript for this Energy widget to work

  3. smitty says:

    Only a couple more errors reported by validator.w3.org than uoregon.edu… and most of those ARE from uoregon.edu…