NCAA votes to give Joe Paterno back his victories

As one reporter says:

It is hard to believe that the NCAA and the school could take the most nauseating, the most horrifying, the most indefensible institutionalization of corruption in American sports — the Jerry Sandusky scandal — and make it worse, but today they just did.

This should make Phil Knight happy though. Here he attacks the Penn State Board of Trustees for settling the case, and calls Paterno “the real Trustee”:

In other news the NCAA’s FCS division schools, under heavy pressure from congress and public opinion, pushed through a few window dressing reforms, including $3K or so for the “student-athletes” and a watered-down concussion policy. We’ll have to make a public records request to find out who represented UO at the meeting and what their instructions were.

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  1. Anonymous2 says:

    Really cheap shot to ding Phil for something he said (a) at Paterno’s funeral and (b) before all the facts/Freeh report/subsequent reports came out.

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