UO Board to give Rob Mullens or Mark Helfrich another raise?

“The materials for this portion of the agenda are not yet complete”. The meeting is Monday at 3PM, Room 402 in the Alumni Center. BOT Secretary Angela Wilhelms has done her best to evade the intent of public meetings law a few times before, this is getting pretty shameless. Coltrane will present the proposal. Full dump here:

Screen Shot 2015-02-07 at 10.41.10 PM

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4 Responses to UO Board to give Rob Mullens or Mark Helfrich another raise?

  1. anon, anon says:

    Maybe I’m being a little too picky, but the map showing the new softball complex names the street as “18th Street,” rather than “18th Avenue.” Is it that difficult to read a google map to check street names?

  2. uomatters says:


  3. Trickortreat says:

    Raises? Isn’t that what bonuses for the bowl and playing in the national championship are for not to mention all of the other perks?

    • duckduckgo says:

      It’s one of the irrational economic behaviors. If a program is doing poorly, they have to shell out the big bucks to attract coaching talent. The program continues to do poorly (because, frankly, coaches are only a fraction of the reason for success or failure) they fire the coach (with an enormous golden parachute) and pay even more for the next coach. If a program is successful, then they have to pay even more to keep the coaching staff there. No wonder coaches make 5-10% of revenue, which is an absurd amount even when compared to the universally derided CEO salaries.