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Special Athletics Admits Group at heart of athletics scandal

For years Lorraine Davis, a former UO VP and current assistant to Provost Bronet for athletics, has been at the center of UO’s admissions of athletes that don’t meet regular academic standards. Now, just 2 days after the UO Senate voted to appoint two new faculty members to keep an eye on the secretive group that Davis runs to approve these admits, Sports Illustrated has come out with a major expose, here. Oh wait, this scandal is at UNC. I’m sure it could never happen here. Never mind.


  1. Cynic 03/14/2015

    in the time I served as a faculty representative on the special admits, along with another member of the faculty, I saw nothing other than attempts to do the right thing in evaluating special admits. I can only speak to the period I was there, and during t hat time there were always two faculty on the small committee. every decision I remember was one reached by consensus as part of a thoughtful discussion. Of course, I do not remember anyone there who only wanted to grind an axe. do I have to give up my blog name?

    • uomatters Post author | 03/14/2015

      How about some details about how you got appointed, the process for reviewing exceptions, etc.

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