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Important Strategic Plan Workshop announcement

VP for Finance Jamie Moffitt has already spent all the money that the jocks didn’t get propping up her husband’s law school, but if you really want to suffer through another pointless strategic planning meeting, show up at 9:00 AM Friday in the EMU Walnut Room for coffee and a donut:

Message sent on behalf of Frances Bronet, Acting Provost

Dear Colleagues:

Please encourage faculty, staff, and students in your units to attend the upcoming Strategic Planning Workshop on Friday, April 3, 9:00-10:30AM in the EMU Walnut Room (see message below and flyer attached).

Attendees may come and go as schedules permit, so participants need not attend for the whole session. We ask that when possible for your unit, supervisors allow staff release time to participate.

Thank you,

Frances Bronet
Acting Senior Vice President and Provost
University of Oregon

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