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Bargaining X: ?

2-6PM today, Library collaboration room. Ever since that Chevy van incident last month I’ve hard a hard time taking the administration’s proposals seriously. But the union has some good info on sessions VIII and IX here, and Deb Merskin’s live blogging of today’s X is here. Sounds like the admins are really hitting the ethics article:

  • Debra Merskin article 36: Ethics. UO selectively selected ethics items from AAU. LInes 19 & 20 proposed bu members “defend free inquiry of associates”- what does that mean?
    19 mins · 
  • Debra Merskin BBrady- hadn’t really thought about what “defend” means? UA-concern could someone be disciplined for not doing whatever this is?
    18 mins · 

Economics will presumably come back on the table after incoming President Schill has had a chance to examine UO’s budget, and hear why Brad Shelton and Jamie Moffitt neglected to include money for faculty raises.

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