RG reports on UO’s proposed health insurance plan

Diane Dietz has the story here. The hope is that rates will be low, given the generally healthy UO student body. I wonder if the regular students will end up subsidizing the football team’s concussion coverage, along with the $2.2M in tutoring costs for the athlete-only Jock Box that the athletic department is already sticking them with.

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2 Responses to RG reports on UO’s proposed health insurance plan

  1. popcorn muncher says:

    It’s amazing, but unsurprising, that the UO will once again move into an area where they have little experience, huge future liabilities, and isn’t central to what should be the core mission of education and research.

    I’m sure too that the UO will hold all those medical claim records at arms length from itself, just like mental health clinic records.

  2. awesome0 says:

    The main motivation is so that the UO can make itself look affordable as fees will be lower but maybe make more money through insurance billing.