Duck softball loses $1,405,621, Coach gets a raise. Who pays?

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For 2014-15 total ticket revenue was projected at $10K, expenses at $1.4M. So the coach gets a raise to $275K plus bonuses and perkola.

For comparison, if you’re a UO professor, you are bringing in roughly $2000 tuition per student for each class you teach. One 300 student intro 101 class is $600,000 tuition for UO. One class in Columbia 101 or the new 500 student Straub classroom is about $1M in tuition. For expenses there’s salary for you and your GTFs, and a little overhead. Teach a few more big classes and we can pay the coaches even more – while you’ll be lucky to get a 5% raise this year.

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3 Responses to Duck softball loses $1,405,621, Coach gets a raise. Who pays?

  1. dog says:

    the $2000 is an approximate value for the average mix of IN
    and OUT of state student tuition in a class. This, of course, is why 1/2 of our students are OUT of state.

  2. honest Uncle Bernie says:

    Could this have something to do with Title IX?

  3. OA Anon says:

    Can you clarify your calculation that each student brings in $2,000 in tuition per class they take? Looks to me like in-state tuition for a 4-credit class will be $756 per year.

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