3 Responses to Ducks suck more money from UO academics

  1. honest Uncle Bernie says:

    It sure seems that athletics goes out of its way to poke academics in the eye. Of course, they are always being attacked by the academics. It’s a bad scene, and it’s not helping anyone.

    Every time I go past the Jock Box, I remember what nice faculty parking it was, and even more wistfully, think of what a travesty it was to take what could have been prime academic space, for new science buildings, e.g. Letting the space go for that was one of the worst decisions ever made by Dave F (RIP). The worst, of course, being the horrendous decision about Nike and the workers rights organizations.

    I’ll never forget the Oklahoma football coach who said that he wanted to have a University that the football team could be proud of. Academically, that is. And he meant it!

    I’m told by a friend at Oklahoma that the football team funds their excellent U. art museum so that they have freed admission and are open wonderful hours.

    It almost seems at UO as if the athletics people have been deliberately taunting the academics.

    I look at the Knights (and now the Balmers) and wonder if they ever think about what their legacy will look like if it is that with all their money, they could have kept UO as a major university in the AAU, but were too interested in taunting the academics or in spending money on things like branding campaigns.