Great moments in student course evaluations

Hello Professor Harbaugh,

I am so sorry for the confusion however, I just sent in my course evaluation thinking you were another one of my professors! You both have the name William. Please disregard what I wrote although you may be a great singer and guitar player that was meant for someone else!

Sorry and thanks for a great class!

[EC 428. Behavioral and Experimental Economics. 4 Credits. Investigates the “rational choice” model and behavioral alternatives, using laboratory experiments. Topics may include altruism, auctions, bargaining, behavioral finance, hyperbolic discounting, and decision-making under uncertainty. Prereq: EC 311; one from EC 320, EC 423.]

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5 Responses to Great moments in student course evaluations

  1. Dr. Funkenstein says:

    Hey, at least he liked your class.

    • just different says:

      I was thinking at least he got his professor’s first name right! That’s a big improvement over being identified by gender, ethnicity, or distinguishing physical characteristics.

  2. LArdman says:

    In my last Economics class the singing and guitar playing were subpar; though it helped with the nuances of antifragility.

    • Dr. Funkenstein says:

      LOL! I haven’t used instruments yet, but I did show a video of Jimi Hendrix doing Purple Haze at Woodstock. Does that count?

  3. Andy Stahl says:

    Fortunate UO biology students of a certain age learned the secrets of life from Ira Herskowitz on the folk guitar and singing his twin brother’s “The Double Talking Helix Blues”.

    Ira’s colleague George Streisinger pulled out all the stops, recruiting the UO’s dance department to choreograph and perform protein synthesis to his lecture class.

    Pre-Youtube, I’m sad to report.