UO hires Sharon Rudnick & Jeff Matthews to negotiate new GTF contract

Just kidding. I have no reason to think that noted big-tobacco lawyer Sharon Rudnick or her HLGR partner and zoning variance expert Jeff Matthews will ever again work for UO. And, in my opinion, the rumors that FAR Tim Gleason will be on the admin team are clearly anti-university.

But negotiations between the administration and the GTFF really do start Thursday Nov. 12 in the EMU ballroom, 1-5PM, according to the GTFF website. That’s less than 11 months since the strike. Why so soon? Because Scott Coltrane and Jeff Matthews dragged the last negotiations out way past the expiration of the two year contract.

Here’s hoping things go a little smoother this time:

Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 12.37.13 AM

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3 Responses to UO hires Sharon Rudnick & Jeff Matthews to negotiate new GTF contract

  1. Anas Clypeata says:

    This is a great opportunity for our new president to show some clear leadership.

  2. New Year Cat says:

    And for him to show that he supports the graduate student workforce without whom it would be difficult to fulfill the mission of the university.

  3. Texas Guy says:

    And to repudiate past practice of threatening international graduate students’ visa status (illegal as well as reprehensible) and threatening undergraduates that a GTFF strike would raise their tuition. Not to mention treating a completely avoidable strike as some kind of natural disaster.