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Harrang labor lawyer to present to Bowling Proprietors’ Association

2/4/2019 update: 

Back in the day HLGR partners Sharon Rudnick and Jeff Matthews brought in some serious billable hours from UO as they tried to learn labor law on the fly, bargaining against the faculty union and the GTFF. They got schooled.

Harrang is now reduced to pitching its services to potential clients who think a strike is a good thing:

6/30/2018: Harrang, Long, Gary, & Rudnick’s remaining lawyers now working from a shopping mall across the river

Thanks to Gov. Brown: Harrang, Long, Gary and Rudnick loses another client

4/4/2017 update, in the SJ here: PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — A state agency has dropped its lawsuit against a weekly Oregon newspaper that sought public records about a man charged in the kidnapping and killing of his ex-wife. … After Oregon Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum ordered the review board to…

UO hires Harrang’s Bill Gary and Sharon Rudnick to investigate blackface prof

Just kidding, that’s who Interim President Scott Coltrane and Interim General Counsel Doug Park hired to investigate me over the presidential archives, along with Hershner Hunter’s Amanda Walkup. President Schill and GC Kevin Reed have hired Edwin Harnden (  and Shayda Le ( to investigate the professor over the blackface incident. They sure look…

Insurance company sues university lawyers over botched legal defense

No, this isn’t about HLGR’s Andrea Coit and her failed attempt to warn federal Judge David Carter about the Bowl of Dicks jury’s potential involvement in a Masonic blood-oath conspiracy. The Cook County Record has the latest on former Chicago State University President Wayne Watson and the $3M his retaliation against a whistleblower cost the now bankrupt CSU, here:…

UO hires Amanda Walkup to defend against Pavel lawsuit

The Docket is here.Walkup’s website is here. Pavel is represented by Marianne Dugan. Amanda Walkup is one of the many lawyers Doug Park and Scott Coltrane hired to investigate me and the UO archivists over the Presidential Archives release. Walkup seemed pretty efficient and interested in getting at the truth. While she wouldn’t…

Psychologist Examiners: Shelly Kerr unethical. Doug Park merely clueless?

The Final Order in regard to the Oregon Board of Psychologist Examiners investigation of Counseling Center Director Shelly Kerr’s decision to comply with UO Deputy General Counsel Doug Park’s request for alleged basketball gang-rape survivor Jane Doe’s confidential counseling records was made today. You can download the thorough report from Oregon Administrative…

Grad students and admins agree to a contract, without expensive HLGR lawyers or a strike

I assume the GTFF website will be updated soon. Meanwhile Diane Dietz has the story in the RG here: UO President Michael Schill, in his year-in-review in June, said he was pleased with the year’s quick settlements with United Academics and the Service Employees International Union. Schill’s initiatives to build the…

UO’s HLGR lawyers make bank off Bowl of Ducks insurance policy

Jack Moran has the story in the RG here:

The University of Oregon has accepted a $242,000 settlement deal to end a legal dispute over bonuses the UO paid to then-head football coach Chip Kelly and his staff for the 2012-13 season.

“The university is glad we were able to reach a settlement agreement and now we are looking forward to the upcoming season,” UO spokesman Tobin Klinger said.

The university had paid a nearly $490,000 premium for an insurance policy the UO says it thought would cover all incentive bonuses Kelly and his assistants earned in the 2012-13 season.

After the highly successful season, the UO paid out bonuses totaling nearly $688,000 and sought reimbursement under its policy. The insurer refused.

Financially, it appears the university would have been better off not buying the insurance at all, as the lawsuit settlement doesn’t even cover the cost of the premium the UO paid. …

Duck Associate Athletic Director Eric Roedl, who agreed to this $490,000 contract without understanding it, has been fired:

Screen Shot 2015-01-16 at 3.55.34 PM

Just kidding, Rob Mullens gave him another raise:

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 5.58.31 PM

So how much did HLGR bill UO for settling this case for 50¢ on the dollar? I don’t know, but judging by the long docket below, they probably did OK at ~$300 per. Here’s hoping PURMIT picked up their tab:

Case details

Court: ord
Docket #: 6:15-cv-00260
Case Name: University of Oregon v. Drummer et al
PACER case #: 120541
Date filed: 2015-02-13
Assigned to: Judge Ann L. Aiken
Case Cause: 28:1332 Diversity-Insurance Contract
Nature of Suit: 110 Insurance
Jury Demand: Both
Jurisdiction: Diversity


Harrang, Long, Gary and Rudnick lose another one

Associate Brett Applegate has left HLGR’s Portland office for Larkins Vacura LLC, who famously took the case of the 1930 Pendleton Roundup Queen’s dress to the Oregon Supreme Court, and won: That does sound like more fun than helping Bill Gary and Sharon Rudnick defend Philip Morris from another lawsuit, from the family of another dead cigarette addict.

HLGR’s Bill Gary loses Bowl of Dicks plea, nets Kafoury another $50K

Posted 3/30/2016, updated 4/14/2016 with UO’s new $50K payment to Cleavenger’s lawyers. In  February 2014 UO’s lawyers from Harrang, Long, Gary and Rudnick lost the arbitration case against former UOPD officer James Cleavenger. UO had to pay Cleavenger $30K in back wages, $6K for arbitration costs, and an unknown amount to HLGR,…