UO to rename Deady Hall for Dave Frohnmayer

That’s the word from a colleague down at the faculty club tonight. He was a bit far into the Gluhwein, so this one may not be as credible as the usual faculty club rumor.

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16 Responses to UO to rename Deady Hall for Dave Frohnmayer

  1. Eugenenative says:

    How is that any improvement?

  2. 'dead duck' says:

    I think it is GLüHWEIN, but two dots are omitted above the U in the UOM posting, but should not make a major difference.

    But as this is silly season so why not? here is a recipe for glühwein with a translation from Dead Duck:
    Zutaten [incredients]. [I fear the ingredients may conflict with the guidelines of UOM, that seem to prefer single malt Scotch]
    1 Liter Wein, rot, fruchtig [1 quart wine, red and fruity]
    3/4 Liter Wasser [0.75 quarts of water from the faucet]
    200 g Pflaume(n) (Dörrpflaumen) [half pound of plum, prunes]
    1/4 Liter Rum [one cup of rum]
    2 Zitrone(n), davon den Saft [juice of two lemons]
    250 g Zucker [one cup of raw sugar]
    2 Stange/n Zimt [two sticks of cinammon]
    2 Beutel Tee, schwarzen [two bags of black tea]
    5 Gewürznelke(n) 5 cloves
    1/2 Liter Orangensaft, frisch gepresster [half liter of freshly press OJ]

    • Anon says:

      Now why doesn’t the Around the O or United Academics spam ever have helpful holiday recipes like this?

    • Thom Aquinas says:

      Woa, woa, woah! This must be Martha Stewart’s Recipe ;-) Or maybe it’s from the equivalent “German Martha’s” web site.
      Here’s the real deal:

      – 250 g sugar, add some water (but not 750 ml!) and CARAMELIZE! When golden brown
      – add 2 liters Vino (1 red fruity, the other can be red or white, but should not be too dry)
      – add Schnaps, (Rum is OK too, if you really have no Schnaps)
      DO NOT BOIL (lest you want virgin Glühwein)!
      – Add cloves and cinnamon. Cinnamon sticks may be crushed. I prefer a few more cloves than in the above recipe – this can be done to taste
      – Add a few dried orange and/or tangerine peels, lemon peels work too, but are not all that authentic

      – Do NOT add dried Plums/Prunes, they serve as laxative, and should only be enjoyed by the administration and similar pencil pushers, who in fact, need them. Certainly NOT suitable for faculty consumption.
      – Also add NO, I repeat NO(!) orange and lemon juice and certainly no black Tea (!?!?!)!

      However, you may add one or two dried apple slices.

      – Keep on low heat for 20-30 minutes (again, do not boil). Serve and Enjoy!

      • Duckduckgo says:

        That sounds closer to the Scandinavian version I make. The prunes and tea made me boggle in amazement!

  3. Sun Tzu says:

    Yes, by all means let’s name a building after the President who sold us out time and time again to corporate entities and the rich. The current Board of Trustees and its know-it-all, we-don’t-need-no-crummy-advice-from-faculty/student/OA/classified-staff chairman are a direct consequence of DF’s actions. Next on their list: change Willamette Hall to Moseley Hall.

    • honest Uncle Bernie says:

      Hey, I think John deserves a NEW building named after him.

      Other than that, a great suggestion.

    • anon and on and on says:

      We can always hyphenate it, but I suspect that would please nobody.

  4. honest Uncle Bernie says:

    What a dumb move that would be. It will mollify no one. What happened to that Japanese alum that they were talking about honoring? Is he too Asian? Was that a microaggression? Well, I’m not sorry!

    Or are they going to come up with money for a building named after him, a fitting honor, as I believe I suggested elsewhere, instead of a cheap classless stunt like renaming Deady after him.

    And I’d say the same about renaming Deady after Dave. I wonder whether he would want that. I doubt it. Deady, from what I understand — admittedly, not that much — was largely responsible for the existence of UO. I doubt that Dave would want to shove him down the memory hole. After all, if it can happen to a distinguished former Oregon judge, it could happen down the line to a distinguished former Oregon attorney general.

    If UO wants to honor Dave, it’s fine by me, though we were not always on the greatest of terms. Put up a nice building, and make it better than the usual dreck at UO. Do SOMETHING with some CLASS!

  5. Old Grey Mare says:

    How about naming the future CAS building after Minoru Yasui? Surely that is a more inspiring name than Colleges and Careers.

  6. thedude says:

    I would happily work in Frohnmayer Hall. Get in done. Repeal and replace PLC!!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Don’t we have a Frohnmayer building already?

    • honest Uncle Bernie says:

      There is a Frohnmayer building in the music school — I believe it is named after Dave’s mother. My understanding is it incorporates Beall Hall and also a lot of other music facilities. I don’t know how much of it was new when named “Frohnmayer” and I don’t know who provided the funding.

      Anyhow, to get an idea of how tasteless I think it is to take a name off a building to put another name on it, imagine if Beall concert hall had been renamed Frohnmayer concert hall. It would be beyond tacky, ghastly, a horror!

      • moi says:

        Lorry Lokey provided the funding for the music school and it was his idea to name it after Dave’s mother who loved music. Several of Dave’s siblings are musicians and music teachers.

        • honest Uncle Bernie says:

          thanks for the reminder of Larry Lokey’s generosity to music as well as science at UO.

          I wish other major donors were as enthusiastic and appreciative of academic life as Larry Lokey has been.

  8. Alec H. Boyd says:

    Instead of a rumor that can’t possibly be true, I’d prefer to see a link to the RG Op Ed by Deady historian Prof. James Mooney (ret.). Nice to see Mooney finally weigh in. He knows more about Deady than anyone. It’s a good piece, even though he did understate Deady’s post-start of Civil War pro-minority rights actions.