IAAF under attack as pressure grows on Lord Coe

The latest investigation of the IAAF’s doping problems is out. One of many stories here:

[Former IAAF President Lamine Diack] is firmly in the line of fire. The report also concluded he:

  • appeared to have created a close inner circle which functioned as “an informal illegitimate governance structure” outside the IAAF;
  • sanctioned and appeared to have had personal knowledge of the fraud and the extortion of athletes carried out by the actions of the illegitimate governance structure he put in place.

“Here it started with the president of the organisation. It involved the treasurer of the organisation. It involved the personal counsel of the president, acting on instructions of the president. It involved two of the sons of the president. It involved the director of the medical and anti-doping department of the IAAF. The corruption was embedded in the organisation. … Continued denial will simply make it more difficult to make genuine progress.”

At least one investigation of the 2019 and 2021 track championship bids is already underway. Meanwhile Track Town’s Vin Lananna and UO’s AVP for State Affairs Hans Bernard are currently lobbying the Oregon legislature to give $25M in state tax money to the corrupt IAAF, in exchange for their permission to let Eugene host their 2021 championships. Tax money will cover prizes and raft of perks for the IAAF leadership, including 5 star hotel rooms, etc. The IAAF keeps all the TV revenue.

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