5 Responses to New ID’s

  1. Anonymous says:

    would be better, of course, if this blog allowed one to actually post an image of a faculty UO ID card, though I might have some trouble making a limp duck image …

  2. Hart says:

    I like that this new image is “more timeless” because it is a drawing of the campus map as it currently exists (ish). Oh, okay. I see how that would be immune to aging. What could possibly happen to make it seem out of date?

    I guess it’s just as well Global Scholars falls off the right edge and the new dorm being built south of it is off the map?

  3. Steve P says:

    Autzen Stadium, check.
    Knight Arena, check.
    Athlete-only Jock Box, check.
    Hayward Field, check.
    Knight Library? Whoops.

  4. Inquiring Mind says:

    went on campus tour with my high schooler recently. Presenters and tour guides focused on excellent NEW rec center and new EMU. Didn’t say word boo about the libraries or academic resources (except for the jock box). Heard about OIMB — that food is good there. Didn’t go in any buildings like refurbished Straub or science block. Just looked at them from the sidewalk and was told how great they are.
    Then we had a short session in one of the OLD -school classrooms (with the wood desk-chairs. So quaint

  5. solidcitizen says:

    No, PLC is there, as is Knight Library. They are specially squished into the lower left. It is HEDCO and Frohnmayer Music that are left off.

    The card does cut off on the lower left right where the faculty union office is, though, which is, of course, an outrage.