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No major UO scandal under President Schill,

yet. Which should be good news for this year’s enrollment, given this InsideHigherEd report on the negative effects of campus scandals on undergraduate applications here:

Scandals on college campuses — whether related to sexual assault, hazing or other crimes — have made headlines in recent years. A new working paper suggests that such scandals with extensive media coverage can hurt colleges by causing a significant drop in applications.

… Most dramatically, a scandal covered in a long-form article — which the paper defined as an article longer than two pages in a publication with national circulation — led to a 10 percent drop. That’s roughly the same impact on applications as falling 10 spots in the U.S. News and World Report college rankings, according to a previous study by two of the same researchers.

The lack of scandals, labor unrest, and attacks on archivists and faculty under President Schill has also led to a noticeable drop in UO Matters pageviews (weekly data from google analytics):

Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 2.03.26 PM

So if current trends continue, this blog and my scotch budget will disappear by October 1.


  1. Captain Nemo 07/08/2016

    Do not worry about your Scotch supply. Your admirers and your enemies, admittedly for quite different reasons, will keep you well supplied. In fact an email I recently received from our former provost, Jim Beam [sic], assures me that he has just the thing for you. Not my favorite and not Scotch, but what the hell? it is what you deserve.

    • honest Uncle Bernie 07/09/2016

      I suggest some Old Moseley 120 proof f you really want a good kick. Followed by some Gottfredson schnapps if you want a great hangover. In my time here, nothing has gone down better than the Wessells special blend.

  2. unknown 07/09/2016

    So you don’t consider Shasta a scandal?

    • uomatters Post author | 07/09/2016

      Maybe a 5.0 on the Starr scale

    • Fishwrapper 07/09/2016

      Drunken revelry leaves litter behind? I’m shocked – shocked I say!

  3. honest Uncle Bernie 07/09/2016

    It is not just “scandal” at least as ordinarily conceived. Look at what has happened at the University of Missouri, where the campus unrest has led to drastic declines in freshman enrollment, and a true budget crisis, as well as a crisis of confidence with donors and the state, to say nothing of the football team.

    btw, maybe the publicity about the Bias Response Team at UO should be considered?

    And while we’re at it, I’ve been asked in these august pages what people might hesitate to talk about out of fear of the campus Thought Police, er, BRT, Diversity administrators, tenure committees, etc. — here’s a link from an article (by a University of Chicago chaired professor of political science, not some crank like, who, me?)) — that explains it better than I would probably be able or for that matter care to. (It must be said that the kind of disruptions he talks about at the University of Chicago have not occurred recently at UO, to my knowledge. Maybe someone should tell this to Schill next time he brings up how incompetent previous administrators at UO have supposedly been.)–_and_how_to_revive_it_131029.html

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