Dead language comes back to bite concealed-carry friendly UT-Austin

Two interesting stories out of UT-Austin today:

Incorrect Latin word mars UT’s monument to victims of 1966 Tower sniper

Meanwhile the state of Texas has decided to allow concealed-carry on college campuses. But UT-Austin is allowing professors to declare that their offices are gun-free zones. Presumably the administration will issue these, so profs can check their students for small arms before telling them they failed the midterm.

Top Texas lawman Ken Paxton is not amused by UT-Austin’s attempt to circumvent the law:

Paxton, the attorney general, did not immediately respond to a request for comment. But he has offered several opinions and public statements in support of the campus carry law, including that it does not delegate authority to individual professors over when and where firearms may be carried. Paxton also called a recent lawsuit filed by three Austin professors arguing for the right to ban guns in their classrooms “frivolous.”

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