Black students press for UO strides on race

11/11/2016: In the RG here, read it all:

When Schill took the microphone near the end of the two-hour event, he agreed that “many students, faculty and staff do not feel included in the University of Oregon. Some have been victims of intentional discrimination. Some have been hurt by careless, thoughtless behavior by members of our community. This is unacceptable. It is intolerable,” he said.

But he urged the dozen black student leaders to not let the events of the past weeks sabotage their education.

“Don’t let the actions of a clueless professor derail you from your studies. Don’t let some ignorant middle-schooler coming onto our campus take your eyes off the prize. Don’t let emotions of the nastiest political campaigns in history — or at least recent history — distract you. Each and every one of you belong here. This is your school. You are Ducks. That means something,” he said.

10/11/2016: Black Student Organizations to hold community rally, 2PM at EMU

Friday November 11th at 2pm in the EMU Amphitheater we will be holding
a Community Rally hosted by the Black Student Organizations (BWA, BMA,
BSU, BSTF, Black Law Students Association). The purpose of this rally is
to demonstrate unity and strength in expressing our desire for a safe
campus for current and future Black students and insist on forward
movement in accomplishing the Black Student Task Force list of demands.
In the event that it rains we will move to Straub 154. This rally will
be an opportunity for us to stand in solidarity with one another as
Black students, community members and our allies. We have strength in

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One Response to Black students press for UO strides on race

  1. honest Uncle Bernie says:

    It will be interesting to see whether UO becomes more or less polarized as a result of the various dynamics between various groups and with Schill.

    My sense is that things have been getting worse, and this will continue. There is a quiet backlash on campus against the hounding of Shurtz by the law school and Schill. The backlash off campus is anything but quiet, read the RG.

    Scill and the others are asking the legislature for more money. They are likely to get cuts instead.

    This is going to come up against demands from groups like the black students.

    Increasingly, Schill seems out of touch with anything outside the very parochial academic bubble.

    That will be fine until crunch time.