2 Responses to Second Mark Helfrich football player in trouble for assaulting a woman

  1. Moonman says:

    Not altogether unrelated to this, see today’s NYT article on Alabama going big on football and student admissions growing as a result. Is ‘Bama the outlier to every other example this blog cites for Big Football being bad for public universities like Oregon?


  2. duckduckgo says:

    I’m sure there is some correlation between Bama going big on football and growing the student body, but the article you linked didn’t really make that case. The student they interviewed went because they had increased merit scholarships from $8M to $100M. They talk about recruiting in every state.

    Oregon State is mentioned in the article. Oregon State has not “gone big” on football. Alabama enrollment rose 58% since 2006. OSU enrollment went from 19,362 in 2006 to 30,592 in 2015… wow, exactly 58% as well!

    The only thing proven here is how quickly some will jump to conclusions.