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Update: Two more Helfrich players were banned from campus, news of alleged assaults hidden from campus

12/24/2016: The efforts by Duck PR flacks Dave Williford & Craig Pintens to get the Daily Emerald sports reporters to stop covering these assaults have backfired. Kenny Jacoby has the latest violence in the Daily Emerald. It looks like the UO administration kept the alleged sexual assault(s) hidden from campus for about 2 months:

Oregon wide receiver Tristen Wallace is under criminal investigation by the University of Oregon Police Department and is being investigated by UO for a student conduct code violation, the Emerald has learned.

The Oregonian’s Andrew Greif later reported that Wallace — along with freshman linebacker Darrian Franklin — have been barred from campus in connection with a sexual assault allegation.

“However, in early October the university’s Office of the Dean of Students restricted both players from all UO property, which includes any athletic facilities, and UO police interviewed Wallace as part of its investigation, according to a source with knowledge of the meeting. Horace Raymond, an Oregon assistant athletic director for player development, was present during the interview, according to the source.

Neither Franklin nor Wallace could be reached for comment. Both remain listed on the team’s online roster.”

The Emerald on Wednesday requested through UO to learn the outcome of a disciplinary proceeding regarding a violent crime allegedly committed by Wallace. UO spokeswoman Emily Halnon confirmed that the UO’s student conduct code investigation of Wallace is ongoing and was not at liberty to provide additional information.

Wallace has been under criminal investigation by UOPD since at least Nov. 23, when UOPD spokesman Kelly McIver first confirmed to the Emerald that the case involving Wallace was open and active. McIver confirmed on Dec. 21 that the case remains open and active; he was unable to provide further details because UOPD’s investigation of Wallace is also ongoing.

I’ve lost track of how many Ducks are now under investigation for sexual assault, etc. Still on the UO payroll. Helfrich that is, the NCAA cartel makes sure the players get paid nothing, of course.

12/20/2016: Big-time Duck sports brings UO more of that publicity money just can’t buy, right in the middle of the college application season:

and  have the latest in the Emerald:

Former Oregon linebacker Torrodney Prevot has been suspended from the University of Oregon for two years, UO spokesman Tobin Klinger confirmed Tuesday afternoon.

According to Klinger, Prevot was found responsible for a “serious violation” of the student conduct code pertaining to domestic violence and gender-based harassment. As a result, Prevot will not be eligible to receive his degree until he serves the term of his suspension, Klinger said.

This information contradicts a tweet Prevot sent on Dec. 19 saying that he had earned his degree from UO and would now attempt to graduate transfer to another college to continue his football career.

Prevot, a senior, had been suspended indefinitely from the football team for a violation of the university and Department of Athletics codes of conduct on Aug. 26, prior to the start of the 2016 regular season. Then-head coach Mark Helfrich made the announcement the same day the Emerald reported that Prevot was under criminal investigation by Eugene Police and that the matter was referred to EPD’s Violent Crimes Unit. A former UO athlete had told the Emerald she filed a complaint to EPD alleging Prevot physically assaulted her twice earlier in the year.

When the Emerald first reported the story, Klinger was not able to provide details, citing the federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act. He said all allegations involving “dating violence” are handled through the Title IX Office. …

In totally unrelated news, parents are not sending us as many students as we need to pay the bills.


  1. cdsinclair 12/24/2016

    One wonders if the price of silence is a cool half billion.

    • cdsinclair 12/26/2016

      Perhaps the converse is more appropriate: One wonders if the cost of a cool half billion is silence.

  2. Roger 12/28/2016

    So is the assertion here that the UO has an obligation to publicize investigations of sexual assault by athletes? Is that consonant with student privacy? Also, is that policy different than what it should do with all students and, if so, why?

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