8 Responses to Desperate economists burn textbooks to keep PLC offices above freezing

  1. dog says:

    I hope you used your ASA money for that …

  2. honest Uncle Bernie says:

    You economists. So otherwordly. Burning textbooks! Don’t you know there are dumpsters all over campus full of flammable crap?

    Now that would get some sympathetic attention in the press. UO econ faculty dumpster divers striving to keep warm at low cost to taxpayers. Just do it!

  3. Anonymous says:

    is the heat not working in PLC?

  4. Moonman says:

    There’s a little known codicil in the Faber constitution that permits book burning during declarations of cold weather emergencies.

  5. Old Grey Mare says:

    There seems to be piles of firewood lying around campus. And didn’t UO Matters say that there is no rule against professorial chainsaw use? Skip the middleman: burn trees not books!