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UO Professor Ed Coleman dies

The RG had a story Friday on this very interesting man:


  1. honest Uncle Bernie 01/23/2017

    This saddens me. I had limited contact with him but he seemed like a decent, charitable man. He made a lot more sense on the Shurtz blackface nusiness than any of the high admin.

    RIP Ed Coleman.

  2. Alec H. Boyd 01/24/2017

    I didn’t know Ed Coleman, although people I do know have commented on how gracious he was in person. Still, I am saddened by his passing because he clearly was a voice of experience and common sense when it came to civil rights. I thoroughly enjoyed his tales, relayed through the RG, of his family history and his personal history in the civil rights movement.

    More apropos of the discussion on this site, however, appreciated his defense of the position that Deady Hall should NOT be renamed. I suspect that his articulate common sense will be missed when the University finally announces its decision regarding Deady Hall.

  3. UOgrad 01/24/2017

    Rename Deady Hall: “Coleman-Deady Hall”. Counterbalance Deady’s racism with Ed’s humanity and humble nature. Both individuals made major contributions to the UO. In addition, it’s time for the university to again appropriately recognize those who make major contributions to its development and history instead of just honoring those who seek recognition by giving the big bucks.

    • Alec H. Boyd 01/24/2017

      Coleman clearly wouldn’t mind sharing space with Deady. And I get and agree with you point about the need to honor those who make contributions to the development of the UO.

      I’m just not sure who the most deserving candidates on that list are. A lot of folks have been pushing to honor those who were minority trailblazers at the UO, especially Min Yasui because of his additional prominence in opposing the WWII internment.

  4. Old Grey Mare 01/25/2017

    I know there is going to be a memorial, and that there is a lecture series named in his honor; but it would be a good time to start a scholarship fund with Coleman’s name on it, if there isn’t one already; if there is one please let us know.

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