Phil and Penny Knight most generous US donors for 2016

Andrew Theen has  the story in the Oregonian, here:

Phil and Penny Knight, arguably Oregon’s most prominent couple, were recognized earlier this month as the leading philanthropists in the nation.

The Chronicle of Philanthropy listed the Nike co-founder and his wife as the top donors in its annual ranking of the 50 most charitable Americans. It marked the first time the Knights topped the list in the 17 years the news organization has been compiling the rankings. They have appeared on the list five other times.

Collectively, the top 50 donors gave $5.6 billion in 2016, with close to half of that figure going to academic causes. …

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3 Responses to Phil and Penny Knight most generous US donors for 2016

  1. honest Uncle Bernie says:

    Let’s hope they try once again with their offer of $800 million for the OLD campus in the time of The Hat. Remember? The one spurned by the good State of Oregon.

    Otherwise, the Knight campus may prove to be a bane to UO, as it distorts the existing campus. Not just the humanities, but the basic sciences as well.

    It is already happening.

    Does everyone involved have the imagination to see what is in actuality in broad daylight?

  2. UO graduate from the years it had a conscience says:

    Way back in time, I attended the UO because of its social conscience. That university (well, the student body) would not have been a lap dog to a rich white guy who made his money exploiting women and children in the developing world. The athletic department is the Mar-a-Lago of college athletics. The money is tainted but “we” can’t resist taking it. Do you/we really understand he is in charge? Who cares, just gimme.

  3. Townie says:

    The Chronicle of Philanthropy reports that “Knight quietly gave $300 million to the University of Oregon, his alma mater, on September 30”

    Is this a new gift or is it part of the KC commitment? If it is indeed new maybe it is best to keep quiet about these things? Some donors value privacy and anonymity.

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