Johnson Hall to get new parking lot with no wide spots for prof’s El Camino

It’s been awhile since this university has had a good parking scandal. I think the most recent was over free Jock Box parking for Rob Mullens, Vin Lananna and Lorraine Davis, and before that the Knight Arena underground garage. This pales in comparison – though the campus’s El Camino drivers might ask why their parking fees will subsidize parking for our well-paid administrators and their compact cars.*

* Full disclosure: Actually I walk to campus.

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14 Responses to Johnson Hall to get new parking lot with no wide spots for prof’s El Camino

  1. Conservative Duck says:

    Charging your own employees for parking should be illegal. It’s like an anti-perk.

    • UO Matters says:

      That’s a rather liberal position.

    • just a thought says:

      why subsidize parking for the wealthy elite?

      • duckduckgo says:

        It would be crazy to pay them thousands a year for their cars and then expect them to pay for parking like hoi polloi. The shock of recognition of how most people live might cause them become light-headed and underperform in their jobs!

  2. DWD says:

    Eugene Code 9.6420 – Parking Area Standards requires that 90 degree parking stalls be a minimum of 18 feet deep, or 15 feet deep if they are marked as ‘compact.’

    University of Oregon Parking Regulations ( Section I.(14) has this to say regarding the subject: “In areas designated for small car parking, vehicles must fit within the designated space to be considered small cars. Cars which extend beyond the designated space into the space adjacent or the median strip will be cited for improper parking.” Subscribing to the “if it fits, it ships” theory of compact cars. No scandal here. FAKE NEWS.

    The real scandal will be who gets one of those ten spaces. The old lot had forty, so I imagine it’s going to be a real blood bath. And two of those ten are ADA spaces, so which of our administrators will develop a sudden disability?

  3. honest Uncle Bernie says:

    The arena parking scandal was not insisting on parking accommodations?

    I think Phil should be required to fix that before he’s allowed to give money for any new projects.

  4. Hippo says:

    Whatevs. Able-bodied faculty (and administrators) should be walking, biking, or busing.

    • Hart says:

      Would, if the bus were not sufficiently far from my house that carrying anything is awful, and also if the buses ran frequently enough and to enough destinations that one might frequently stop at on the way home to make sense, particularly if one sometimes works until six when everything leaving the station changes to every 30 or 60 minutes at best. My 12 minute drive beats my 90 minute bus time, is what I’m saying.

      Also, though: I don’t know if you’re serious in saying that able-bodied folks should walk, but I also would note that there are some pretty gross implications to that if everyone complies because it requires people who are not able-bodied to out themselves and (probably, based on what usually happens) then be subjected to the “are you LEGITIMATELY disabled or is this ‘in your control’?” game. Let’s not.

    • Anonymous says:

      Especially since they work during bus route hours and safe times to be walking and riding to work – unlike many university employees – especially the least paid.

  5. dude says:

    I was looking at the diagram, and the access aisle for the two accessible parking spaces is lines up with the STAIRS on the East side of Johnson Hall. Anyone using this lot and needing to use the ADA entry to Johnson Hall, would have to park there, head South on the sidewalk nearly 40′ to the sidewalk on the South side of JH, so they could go around to the entrance on the West of of JH.

    This also places those spots on the far end of this new lot from the ADA entry ramp for Collier House.

    It’s like someone decided to match the accessible parking aisle to the stairs and decided “that’s a good idea.”

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