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Winner! Free U of Nike coffee cup for guessing the cost of UOPD’s Go Ducks paint-job

Update: Chief Carmichael reported the cost as $3533.41. So the winner is longtime commenter “Fishwrapper” at $3768.79, runner up is Amy Adams at $3137. Congrats to you both, please contact our swag office with a mailing address, or if you prefer the location of a dead-drop site far from security cameras.

For the record it’s not actually paint, it’s some sort of peel off vinyl. Better than what once covered the roof of my 74 El Camino, I hope.

Update: UOPD Chief Matt Carmichael just called in to the UO M hotline with the answer, to the penny. I want to thank him for

a) Fixing the famously problematic UO police department, and in short order too.

b) Offering to explain why they pimped out their ride, and then just laughing and giving me the cost when I told him “thanks, I’ve already heard enough crap today”.

I don’t think I’m giving too much away by saying the cost (x100 to get rid of the decimal) is a prime number. Feel free to revise and resubmit your guesses. I’ll keep the contest open until Noon tomorrow. Sorry Matt you’re not eligible, and couldn’t they have thrown in some hubcaps?

9/26/2017: Submit your entries as pseudonymous comments. The winner will be whoever is closest to the number given by UOPD spokesperson Kelly McIver:

Hi Kelly, I’m writing as UO Matters guy, wondering if you can tell me how much the paint job for this truck cost:

Thanks, Bill Harbaugh

UO Employees with BANNER access or inside knowledge not eligible to win.

9/21/2017: UO Police Department’s bloated budget has money to burn on Duck crap.

Thanks to Dog for the evidence:


  1. Conservative Duck 09/22/2017

    “Shared sacrifices”…right?

  2. Anonymous 09/24/2017

    Prefer this to the all black tactical look.

    • Dog 09/25/2017

      Why do we even have these?

  3. New Year Cat 09/26/2017


  4. Amy Adams 09/26/2017


    • Amy Adams 09/26/2017

      Revising my guess to $3137.00

      • uomatters Post author | 09/26/2017

        I’m no Bayesian, but nice updating of your priors. The Prime Number Theorem shows that the probability N is a prime number is about 1 / log(N). So the news that the cost is a prime should indeed shift your best guess towards the right of your prior probability distribution, as those higher numbers are now more probable.

        • Amy Adams 09/27/2017

          Also, I am a big fan of “The Price Is Right” and I heard the crowd cheering as I edited my guess.

  5. Inquiring minds 09/26/2017


  6. DWD 09/26/2017

    “There are no records responsive to this request.”

  7. Fishwrapper 09/26/2017

    $3,768.79 – just a WAG

  8. Sports Fan 09/26/2017

    Put me down for $7,500. I’m sure the banner provider saw a mark when he saw one.

  9. uomatters Post author | 09/26/2017

    Should I start a second contest proposing an *academic* paint-job for the UOPD to use? Einstein letters being Dog’s entry.

  10. BillyGoat 09/26/2017

    $54.20 to buy the Lego set the truck came from

  11. cda 09/26/2017

    The total package price would be more interesting than just the paint job. Also who it was bought from and who did any and all of the custom after market work, and invoices for all.

    Also why a dual cab pickup? To cary the kegs back to HQ?

    $5909.87 (a little under twice what it should have cost and prime when x100).

    • uomatters Post author | 09/26/2017

      Are you suggesting the truck is for patrolling the Autzen parking lots during home games and then transporting MIP evidence back to the station for study? The paint job is just camouflage, to blend in with the tailgaters? There’s an easy way to confirm this hypothesis. The next time you see the Duck Truck, someone run a red light and tell us if the siren goes quack-quack-quack.

      And for the record, while I’ve heard lots about the UOPDs earlier, funnier days, there’s not a hint that the current chief would tolerate stealing beer from our undergraduates and loyal alumni families.

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