President Schill’s free-speech op-ed in NYT skips over blackface, silencing of Duck athletes, efforts to stop peaceful sit-ins

The NYT op-ed focuses on the “UO Student Coalition’s” efforts to prevent him from giving his State of the University address.

Information on the administration’s botched attempt to discipline the student protestors is here.

Information on his administration’s treatment of Prof Nancy Shurtz for her stupid and offensive – but constitutionally protected – attempt to dress as a black doctor at a Halloween party last year (to promote his book on racism in the medical profession) is here.

Information on the Duck athletic department’s efforts to prevent their athletes from speaking to student reporters is here.

And so far as I can tell basketball coach Dana Altman and football coach Willie Taggart have suffered no repercussions for their efforts to discourage athletes from expressing political beliefs.

Update: Then there’s the administration’s April 2016 fight against the “Divest UO” group’s protest, here. They followed this up with a proposed policy restricting the time, place, and manner of free speech, which they dropped in the face of UO Senate opposition in spring of 2017.

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5 Responses to President Schill’s free-speech op-ed in NYT skips over blackface, silencing of Duck athletes, efforts to stop peaceful sit-ins

  1. UO Theater Fire says:

    Good points. Would Schill support UO football players taking an anthem knee? Students holding a big Nike sweatshop banner at a game? A big divestment banner at Johnson Hall? Doubt it. The UO has already trampled on these efforts at free speech. It also seems that Schill has used a national platform to self-promote for his next job while all but inviting a right wing nut to come to campus to incite a riot. Maybe he should pay the half-million-dollar security bill out of his million-dollar salary.

  2. agreed says:

    The op-ed has some positives, but I agree it has a tone of self-promotion. Maybe Schill has his eyes on bigger fish.

  3. union bob says:

    UO doesn’t want SEIU to hold rally’s in front of Johnson Hall, nor to march through Johnson Hall, even silently. And no picket signs (aka “weapons”).

  4. Moonman says:

    Sure wish the UO football and basketball teams could go semi-pro, divorce from the university, and leave the academic mission the hell alone. Much of the raison d’etre of this very wearying and predictable blog would disappear.

    • uomatters says:

      Amen, brother. You’re weary reading it, imagine how I suffer having to type it out over and over. That said, the google ad revenue is holding up well, and keeping me in some nice single malts and the occasional rye.

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