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Trustees to review, discuss report on General Counsel Kevin Reed’s activities

It looks like a busy meeting for their Executive and Audit Committee. Presidential Assessment, Audit report, Annual reports from the GC, Compliance, Ethics, etc. Here’s their agenda, with handy links:

1. Call to Order/Roll/Declaration of a Quorum (Borkar)

2. Consent Item
a. Minutes of the July 20, 2017 Executive & Audit Committee Meeting
(Borkar) (TAB A)

3. Action Items
a. Board Chair’s Report: FY2017 Presidential Assessment (Borkar) (TAB B)
b. Board Policy and Bylaw Review/Amendments (Borkar, Colbert) (TAB C)
c. 2018 Executive & Audit Committee Work Plan and 2017
Board Assessment Results (Borkar, Colbert) (TAB D)
d. Executive & Audit Committee Charter Amendment (Borkar, Colbert,
) (TAB E)
e. Office of Audit Services Progress Report (Snopkowski) (TAB F)

4. Discussion Items
a. Annual Compliance & Ethics Program Report (Snopkowski, Gose,
) (TAB G)
b. Office of General Counsel Annual Report FY2017 (Gose) (TAB H)
c. All Hazard Planning (including Risk Management Report) (Green,
) (TAB I)

5. Adjournment

Whoops, my bad. The above was the agenda for OSU Trustees committee meeting in October, not for the upcoming meeting of the UO Trustees committee, this Thursday.

While the Oregon State University Trustees receive, post, and review an annual report from their GC as part of their Audit Committee’s due diligence and fiduciary responsibilities, the UO administration and Board have received nothing of the sort from our General Counsel – or if they have, they’re keeping it a secret. Here’s the brief agenda for the slacker UO Board committee:

– Call to order, roll call

– Approval of September 2017 EAC minutes (Action)

1. Status of Information Technology at the UO: Jessie Minton, Chief Information Officer

2. Quarterly Audit Report: Trisha Burnett, Chief Auditor [Not posted, and only distributed to the trustees at the meeting.]

Meeting Adjourns

I think their previous meeting lasted about 40 minutes. More on the UO Board meetings for Dec 7 & 8  here.


  1. Me again 12/06/2017

    Such insults. Will you call them slackers to their faces on Friday. Clearly you have bigger balls than I do or maybe you’re just more loaded with scotch but I look forward to your public comment. Since the trustees won’t respond you get to hurl insults all you want and know that they won’t fight back. Unfortunately, now you’ll just come off as a coward or a hypocrite (if you don’t attack publicly) or just a jerk (if you do attack). Is there a win for you here? I like you personally and think you accomplish great things so its tough to watch you take the low road. Name calling is unproductive and certainly you know that. You are better than this. Maybe more scotch please?

    • uomatters Post author | 12/07/2017

      I told the trustees in public at their last meeting that I didn’t think they were doing their due diligence. I said that they were not getting enough information from the UO administration, that they were not spending enough time analyzing it, and that they were not asking hard questions. I think I said pretty much the same at the previous meeting, as Senate President.

  2. Me again 12/07/2017

    My apologies for being a bit harsh. I appreciate that you did call out the board for asking soft ball questions but you haven’t called them names to their faces yet.

    • uomatters Post author | 12/07/2017

      Sorry. I’ll try some personal insults tomorrow – on a randomized basis of course – and let you know how it shakes out.

  3. Me again 12/07/2017

    You’re such a card! It may not have been clear but my point was that I think personal attacks from afar are cowardly and attacks in person are unprofessional. So please, don’t hurl personal insults on my account. I’d rather see grown up rational discourse.

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