Big raise for Terry Hunt at Arizona HC fuels gender disc lawsuit

The news from Tucson:

Ex-UA dean files $2M pay equality lawsuit against Regents; provost resigns

… According to the lawsuit, Patricia MacCorquodale, who has worked at the UA since 1978 and was dean of the school’s Honors College for almost 25 years, was “dramatically underpaid” — sometimes as much as $100,000 — compared to other male deans including her less-experienced successors.

She attributed the pay disparity at the school to Provost Andrew Comrie, and his predecessors who have the power to appoint deans and settle their salaries.

Also Monday, the university announced that Comrie, senior vice president for academic affairs and provost, was resigning from that position and returning full-time to the faculty.

… After announcing her intent to step down in June 2017, she alleges that she was pushed out of the position a year early by Comrie in retaliation.

Elliott Cheu, former associate dean of the College of Science since 2008 was appointed interim dean in her place. He made $100,000 more a year than she did in her last and 17th year in the position, the lawsuit said. She also found that he made more as an assistant dean than she did as the dean of the Honors College. In 2017, the university announced that Terry Hunt, dean of the University of Oregon’s Honors College, was the new UA Honors dean. The lawsuit said the school is paying Hunt $230,000, nearly $70,000 more than MacCorquodale earned as dean. …

Since the UA faculty have no union, their administration can’t use the “blame it on the union” argument, as UO is trying to do in the Freyd lawsuit:

So presumably the UA lawyers will fall back on the argument that if she really wanted a raise she should have got her buddies at another school to make her an outside offer, like the good old boys do.

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3 Responses to Big raise for Terry Hunt at Arizona HC fuels gender disc lawsuit

  1. Dog says:

    I wonder if there are any brave HC faculty willing to comment on whether Dean Hunt was a net good for the HC? Yes I know he could shine donors ON and likely bring in some resources, but in my somewhat external view a) HC faculty morale has gone down and b) the HC has become less functional under his reign.

    Now, of course, it is well known that dogs are full of shit …

  2. Dog says:


    Hunt’s Dean base salary here was about 175K

    I supposed the extra 55K is sufficient motivation
    to move to fuckin’ tooSun

  3. Well of course says:

    To be clear it is totally wrong that one class of over paid exec is paid less. But when you elevate people with no real value what do you honestly expect?

    Of course the real problem is that any of these mediocre managers (dean’s provost, presidents, athletic directors) make anywhere near what they make. This notion that leading a public institution should elevate you to some executive level is insane.

    What is the multiplier here we are talking about from line staff to exec? Do we, as Oregonians really see value return? Do these people work harder or care more? Do they do a better job then someone who only makes $100K? Or does it just build up the club to justify the payout?

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