“Recalcitrant” College of Ed faculty hold Town Hall on Shelton’s metrics and Dean’s response

An excerpt from http://newsletter.uauoregon.org/budget-cuts-reorganization-and-frustration-in-coe/

The College of Education (COE) has recently been presented with relatively significant budget cut targets by the Provost’s office.  The COE faculty are eager to find ways to maintain the excellence of our programs while also achieving the prescribed fiscal goals.  Unfortunately, we are not being given the information that would make such collaborative problem solving possible.  Frustration levels are high.

In response to this situation, UA stewards in COE recently hosted a meeting of college faculty with UA Executive Director David Cecil.  25 faculty attended, and 28 others sent regrets along with lists of their concerns.  The concerns expressed included:

  • The metrics being used by the Provost’s office to determine alleged College and Department inefficiencies have not been disclosed.
  • The metrics being used to determine individual departmental and program budget cut targets, have also not been disclosed.
  • When these concerns about ambiguity were expressed to VP Brad Shelton in a recent faculty meeting, he framed them as expressions of faculty recalcitrance.  Many faculty experienced this as patronizing and insulting.

Responses from all levels of administration seem to be lacking. …

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3 Responses to “Recalcitrant” College of Ed faculty hold Town Hall on Shelton’s metrics and Dean’s response

  1. woop says:

    Sounds like faculty are more and more experiencing admin the way staff does.

    • Dog says:

      yeah Recalcitrant is a math term for Irrational Numbers (they just refuse to cooperate and go on forever …)

  2. Big Bad Duck says:

    When exactly is Mr Failed Budget Model episodes-numbers-one-and-two going to undergo a 360 review? Please include a psychometric test, one that tests for psychosis, lack of human empathy, paranoia, bipolar disorders as well as fractional lobotomy in the mathematician’s brain.