Eager frat boys jump on First Amendment right to make fools of themselves

I’m thinking this is not quite what Pres Schill had in mind when he spent ~$100K on lectures to promote free speech. The Daily Emerald’s Ryan Nguyen and Michael Tobin have the report here:

The University of Oregon Phi Kappa Psi chapter has been temporarily suspended after a defamatory document printed with the fraternity’s name and the names of many of its members’ surfaced.

The 32-page document, which the Emerald obtained on Sunday, contains a list of the names of UO Phi Kappa Psi members followed by questions for each member. The questions contain anti-gay slurs, rape jokes, references to illegal drug use and derogatory language directed at women. The front page is labeled “Brothers of Phi Kappa Psi.” …

UO’s investigation will include interviews with a random sample of new and current fraternity members, said assistant Dean of Students Marcus Langford. Using that information, a third-party investigator and the university will determine whether the chapter violated the UO Student Conduct Code.

The Emerald story includes a link to the document, albeit with the names redacted. Some excerpts:

  • “I hear you’re a Patriots fan, Are you actually from New England or are you just a fag?”
  • “Do you fuck 2s every weekend to convince yourself that you’re not gay?”
  • “what’s up faggot? Who have you gotten more nuts from this year, twitter sluts or your girlfriend?”
  • “Does a girl run your snapchat account or are you really that gay?”
  • “What’s it like to lose your girl to a bisexual male cheerleader?”
  • “Did [redacted] actually rape you or are you too embarrassed to admit that you willingly fucked her?”
  • “Do you enjoy banging 3s or are you just too blind to tell that they’re beat?”
  • “How many times have you had to expand your tinder radius to find a new whore to fuck?”
  • “Can i have your sisters phone number? She’s just so fucking hot. How do you think she’d look on my dorm bed?”
  • Do you get blacked out so often so the the 4’s you hook up with seem hotter?
  • “How many schools have you shot up?”
  • “How many copies of Mein Kampf do you own?”
  • “What’s higher, your grade point average or the points of molly you take at parties?”
  • “Can you go one week without doing something utterly retarded?”
  • “Who’s a softer pledge master, you or [name redacted]?”

All evidence for a powerful but sometimes unappreciated argument for campus free speech – it helps people understand just what they’re up against.

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8 Responses to Eager frat boys jump on First Amendment right to make fools of themselves

  1. Publius says:

    “Dog” writes, “Frat Boys acting with base stupidity is unlikely to be anything that any of your readers care about.”

    “Dog” may not, but the rest of us should care greatly about remarks like “finding new whores to fuck”–and acting accordingly.

    For a more responsible view, I would direct people to the Task Force Report on Sexual Violence at the U of O that discussed in detail the special problem of sexual assault among fraternity members. “Research suggests that Greek systems on college campuses around the country create dangerous situations for women.” For example: “Women in Greek life were nearly twice as likely to have experienced some form of non-consensual sexual contact than those not involved in Greek life.” And “Women in Greek life were significantly more likely to have experienced an attempted or completed rape. These women were 3.4 times more likely than their non-Greek counterparts to have experienced an attempted or completed rape.”

    The Task Force called for pro-active measures to address its basis (among other things, in the special alcohol problem there), and urged that Robin Holmes shelve her plans to aggressively expand the Greek system until these problems were addressed.

    Finally, I would remind people of the incident in the 1990s when frat boys assaulted the leading candidate for ASUA president, knocking him to the ground and kicking him for almost ten minutes, solely because he was gay. It led to a string of meetings in the fraternities where then President Paul Olum read them the riot act for the sort of gay-bashing we see in these remarks. The next year it led to the appointment of a university committee by President Myles Brand to address these issues.

    That committee also addressed the special problem of homophobia in the frat system.

    On frat boys and sexual assault (and empirical evidence for above claims) see p. 13ff: https://cpb-us-e1.wpmucdn.com/blogs.uoregon.edu/dist/a/10780/files/2015/03/2014_11_06-Senate-Task-Force-Report-FINAL-1ajlst5.pdf

    • Dog says:

      there are a whole host of issues that we should care about

      If UO matters shows the distribution of responses where “care about” is measured by comment lengths to this thread, that would represent an on the ground reality.

      Indeed, the main interest I have for the existence of this blog is its ability to manifest what we actually care about:

      OBF -100’s of comments

      Nancy Shurtz – similar

      Issues related to actual academics – not so much

  2. fratbrosnottheonlyones says:

    Unfortunately, Frat Boys aren’t the only boys behaving badly on campus.

  3. eugenenative says:

    And all that time they could have been reading their bibles and helping elderly ladies cross the street.

    It’s a damn shame.

  4. Dog says:

    Now if they had just insulted the OBF this thread would spontaneously have generated an infinite number of responses

    Frat Boys acting with base stupidity is unlikely to be anything that any of your readers care about

  5. honest Uncle Bernie says:

    Shocking, isn’t it!

    Frat boys in my day had much standards. I remember!

  6. George Orwell says:


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