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New CONCUR travel software:

Good, bad, mediocre? Perfect? Fixable? Too much trouble, so just pay for the small stuff out of pocket? Discuss.

I’m no fan of implementing university policy via software, but I haven’t used it yet.

And for some historical perspective:


  1. Dog 06/14/2018

    1. Medicore
    2. Not fixable we have to live with it
    3. deal with it
    4. Perhaps the faculty club can host a concur bitch forum

  2. NotATechProblem 06/18/2018

    The software is fine enough. No software in the world can save a poorly managed process. Software makes a fine scapegoat, however.

  3. Hmmmm?? 06/22/2018

    One of the stated benefits is to increase use of University credit cards (one card, central travel card, etc) instead of reimbursements. This will provide revenue to central UO from the credit card “kick back” to the UO as points. Fair enough — business travel should be paid for and benefit the employer first.
    But curious how consistently this edict not to use personal credit cards (and get personal accumulation of points) for high volume travelers is being applied across campus. Executive Leadership? atheltics? ALL faculty? Advancement/recruitment?

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