3 Responses to University drop metrics requirement

  1. oldtimer says:

    the move to making test scores voluntary at elite privates is all about rankings. Which schools test scores are higher, and one way to raise test scores is to tell students, sure, send them in if you think they will help, and then use class rank ap tests and other metrics. Of course, no advantage in the end game when every school follows the same strategy.

  2. justsayuotoducks says:

    Replacing test scores with “video introductions”? The jokes practically write themselves. (Sample: I like my freshmen like I like my administrators: ___ and ___.)

    Seriously, though, this smells like an attempt by UC to ameliorate a pesky surfeit of Asian students. In other news, a similar maneuver at Harvard has just been exposed–this time via the pretext of Asians having lousy personalities. Wasn’t blind admission governed by test scores introduced specifically to limit this sort of crap?

  3. Negative Nelly says:

    Meritocracy is discriminating. Discretion is hate, not wisdom, old timer. Boomers these days! So entitled to their pensions!

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