Are Rob Mullens and Mark Cristobal worth their millions?

At $9.99, the spot market implies a somewhat lower value for whatever it is they bring to UO. Odd that their contracts don’t give them an incentive to bring in more revenue. I wonder who wrote those deals?

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9 Responses to Are Rob Mullens and Mark Cristobal worth their millions?

  1. nope says:

    Do you mean Mario Cristobal?

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  2. Simplicius Simplicissimus says:

    Ultimately – no job is worth millions. Both are replaceable. If someone needs millions to do a half-way decent job, they have a motivation problem.

    If anyone has to be enticed to come here with million dollar salaries they are no real ducks. Not in their hearts or minds anyways. These people are guest workers at best who will move on to the next higher bidding competitor.

    Universities degenerate to for-profit businesses, claiming to use sports as advertisement, exploiting students in the process. It is a sad affair.

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    • CSN says:

      You don’t think there are any individuals whose marginal product is in the millions?

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      • duckduckgo says:

        Maybe, but college coaches extract an enormous percentage of the revenue and profit compared to nearly any other employee I can think of. That’s 3% of revenue and 6% of profit…Tim Cook of Apple would be paid $7 billion a year on that kind of formula! It looks like his compensation is $100 million or so. The CEO of a small Russell 3000 company making $400 million in revenue makes $2.3 million in compensation on average. So 4X bigger for the same pay.

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        • econoduck says:

          That may be true, but it’s not the responsibility of the seller to make sure that the buyer is getting a fair deal. If there is a failure here, it primarily ought to be laid at the webbed feet of the University.

          As always, compensation is often determined by the question of “What will it take to get the person we want to work for us?”.

          (For myself, I’d prefer that universities had no professional sports programs.)

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          • duckduckgo says:

            Oh, for sure…an athletic department will spend freely and compete with abandon for the right person, since they are not held back by problems like deficits and are urged on by boosters/donors. Given the irrational excess any restraint needs to be mandated from above.

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      • Simplicius Simplicissimus says:

        You are right CSN. My mistake :-D
        Considering the core mission of the UO, of ANY University really: teaching and research, – entertainment is indeed a marginal product and should for that very reason not be worth millions of anyone’s salary.

        Instead, those millions could be used to knock-off a few dollars from student tuition. Currently, sports/entertainment contributes to the inflation of tuition.
        In spite of current tuition rates, students still pay way too much at the ticket booth (to support their peers!?) and that is even in spite of the annual blackmail/highway-robbery/extortion attempt by football reps to get student union funds to ‘subsidize’ a fraction of season tickets. Or is it Rob Mullens’ et al., salary? As if tuition wasn’t enough!

        It IS a sad affair!

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