Interesting night down at the faculty club

I’d say more, but that would be indiscreet. Open again 5-8 Th. Walk in the Art Museum’s front door, turn right, and show the guard your papers.

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11 Responses to Interesting night down at the faculty club

  1. Dog says:

    Well shit, I dressed up all day, did tricks in class
    and alas, no one gave me any treats, all day …

  2. Hippo says:

    A friendly reminder to all UO faculty as Halloween approaches: vet your costume with a friend/colleague before committing to it. Maybe several people depending on which department you are in (you know who you are!)

    • Dog says:

      I plan on disguising my self as a University Professor, tomorrow

    • Deplorable Duck says:

      With due respect, dressing in costume in 2018 is utterly insane, from a career perspective. Hunker down–it’s going to be a long decade…

      • Anonymous says:

        hey man, my disguise is working to day, no one thinks I am a dog, they actually think I am a real university professor, even my students!

  3. Thedude says:

    You know whats interesting / depressing. Our Union raises will basically cover my increase in property taxes this year.


    • uomatters says:

      You should have waited til you got the union’s 8% full-prof promotion raise to buy the double-wide, dude.

    • The Other Union says:

      SEIU COLA for a custodian wouldn’t cover a pair of shoes.

      • OAnon.0 says:

        No COLA for OAs this year, 2% merit pool. That means all salary increases are discretionary, and we can’t bank on any of it. Thank your union leadership for making sure you get a COLA at all.

        • Name Withheld for Lack of Job Security says:

          Bargaining will be really hard this year for SEIU. They’ll want the least paid on campus to pay 10% or more insurance premium. We haven’t gotten COLA’s that match the actual increase in the cost of living since I don’t know when. I wouldn’t be surprised if they try furloughs again (pay CUT). And make us pay the 6% PERS pick up — how about they retroactively calculate the increases we would have gotten when we agreed to take wage freezes in trade.

          Temporary classified level employees have they job titles changed so they can continue keeping them as temporary in flagrant violation of the CBA.

          Meanwhile, former (retired, even) very (very, very) highly paid administrators come back through the temp agency back door.

          Many classified jobs remain unfilled — look for way more, and way more expensive/poorer quality, support and work around campus by the poorly paid and uninsured employees of the contractors. This and other sabotage.

          Luckily, the morale is dismal across classes of employees. And don’t make the mistake of speaking up for standing up — you’ll find a target on your back.

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