Big-time college sports brings more glory to university


11/7/2018: Faculty Senate votes to tell president who pushed disastrous big-time sports expansion to retire, calls for Trustee accountability:

The University of Maryland Senate passed resolutions Wednesday aimed at improving the way Board of Regents members are chosen and affirming the body’s support for President Wallace Loh’s retirement.

The senate voted 101-9-4 to “petition the Maryland General Assembly to reconsider the way in which the USM Board of Regents is appointed and held accountable in order to make it more responsive to the concerns of students, faculty, staff, and Marylanders.”

Pro-coach football players pummel player they suspect of talking to investigators about teammate’s death.
University Foundation trustees attacks University Board trustees for destroying fundraising campaign
Governor fires University Board Chair
Josh Hunt gets a new book idea

The story at UMD so far:

Football player dies after intense workout
Coach and trainers eventually suspended
Board of Trustees order President to keep coach, AD, trainers
Pres announces he’s retiring
Students and football players protest board’s decision to keep coach
Donor suspends $20M gift over trustees failure to support president
President fires coach
Coach walks off with $5.4 million buyout

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4 Responses to Big-time college sports brings more glory to university

  1. Dog says:

    right, pretty clear who is in control at UMD (former Institution of current provost)

    But the variant here will be slightly different:

    as I hope faculty, in violation of Knight Campus interests,
    will be able to walk away with a similar kind of buyout

    Donor wishes drive us all, because, of course, like Trump,
    Donors know what is best for the rest of us …

  2. Dog says:


    do you think criminal charges might appear in the future?
    negligence ?