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Cultural differences in the treatment of acute bronchitis

The Scottish National Health Service thinks I should stop whinging until I cough up blood:

The American Lung Association thinks I should go to the doctor for an X-Ray:


  1. Hippocrates' errant nephew 02/23/2019

    Huh. Well, actually, I think NHS advice is not particularly bad here. And in particular, iatrogenic harm is a thing, and to be weighed in the mix.

    But way more interesting is the possibility that Prof UOM might think that socialized medicine sucks. Really?

    • uomatters Post author | 02/24/2019

      To be clear I’m going with the Scottish treatment: “Plenty of fluids.”

      • Oldtimer 02/25/2019

        I thought you were busy selling your el Camino in the RG today? A steal at 2600

  2. Hippocrates' errant nephew 02/25/2019

    Good day for it–the U has closed classes. Sort of. Your morning classes are cancelled if and only if they end before 1pm. :-P

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