Duck basketball player shows what college sports should be

Maggie Vanoni has the story in the Daily Emerald, an interlude from the steady stream of scandals from the Duck football and men’s basketball programs:

“Oti is the consummate student-athlete,” Graves said. “She’s a great teammate. You know, here’s a young lady that has kinda had a lesser role so-to-speak in terms of production and stuff, but she’s just as important to our team as anybody, and everybody on our team would say the same. I’m really glad she has stuck this out. I think it shows the character that she has, and I would trust her in any moment, regardless of time, score and magnitude of the game.”

Inspired by watching her daughter chase her basketball dreams, Roberson decided to go back to school and earn her bachelor’s degree in humanities at Eastern Washington University. She has watched her younger children develop the same goals because of Gildon.

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3 Responses to Duck basketball player shows what college sports should be

  1. charlie says:

    Great story, and well written. Thanks…

  2. Mr X says:

    Many times female student athletes outperform male counterparts in the classroom. I found this to be true mostly as they were not sold a bill of goods that one day they would be in the NBA, NFL, etc. They cherished the sport experience but also the opportunity to study on scholarship.

  3. Oldtimer says:

    On average female students outperform male students, athletes or not.

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