What would Dana Altman have said to Jackie Robinson?

I’m no sports fan, but my dad was, so even I know that yesterday would have been Robinson’s 100th birthday, and that he was a hero who turned a ball game into something that mattered for us all.

Duck basketball coach Dana Altman, on the other hand, is something far more common:

12/10/2014: Coach Dana Altman thinks our National Anthem is the wrong time to protest racism

Our fool of a basketball coach thinks he owns those players. They shouldn’t protest when he’s trying to collect his $2M paycheck, off their free labor.

Fortunately we’ve still got people who can hear someone sing “O’er the land of the free, and the home of the brave” and actually understand what it means.

Want to ask the players what they think? No. Duck AD Rob Mullens and his PR flack Craig Pintens have a rule about players talking to reporters without permission, and “Benjamin and Bell have not been made available to comment.”

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Coach Altman’s lucrative years at Oregon have done nothing to moderate his plantation owner mentality:

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2 Responses to What would Dana Altman have said to Jackie Robinson?

  1. honest Uncle Bernie says:

    Yes, Jackie Robinson, a now probably underappreciated figure.

    A fascinating aspect of Robinson’s life was his relationship to the Republican party. Had they more enthusiastically embraced his strong Republican tendencies, they might now be as dominant as the Republicans were for decades after Lincoln. Many articles about Robinson’s politics, here’s one:


    Another interesting story is Muhammed Ali’s endorsement of Ronald Reagan in 1984. In fact, I believe that all three of the great black heavyweight champs of the time — Ali, Foreman, Frazier — endorsed the Gipper that year. (Robinson loathed Reagan, I believe.)

    Again, it takes a party as brain dead as the Republicans (as opposed to loco like the Democrats) to squander opportunities like that.

  2. Dog says:


    Lots about Robinson here – this is a fairly compelling piece
    considering the author was a staunch republican for decades,
    until, Trump