Avenatti claims Nike paid Dana Altman’s Bol Bol

Which is good, because someone should pay college basketball players, and apparently Dana Altman refuses to give them a cut of his bloated salary and bonuses. Jeff Manning and Brad Schmidt have the story in the Oregonian here:

Earlier this week, Avenatti accused Nike of paying “large sums” to Bol, a California Supreme alumni and prized recruit who is joined the Oregon program in 2018. The Ducks, a Cinderella story in the NCAA March Madness tournament, tip off against Virginia at 6:59 p.m. Thursday. But Bol, who is injured, has been watching from the sidelines.

Oregon coach Dana Altman told The Oregonian/OregonLive on Tuesday that he didn’t have any information about the allegation against Bol. Altman said he had “no reason” to believe the accusation against Bol was accurate and a university spokeswoman echoed that sentiment.

“We are unaware of any evidence that would support these allegations,” Molly Blancett said in a statement. “Diligent inquiry last summer into the amateur status of our student-athletes revealed no indication of improper payments made to any student-athletes or their families.”

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5 Responses to Avenatti claims Nike paid Dana Altman’s Bol Bol

  1. charlie says:

    Has no information?? Can’t Dana just ask Bol if he got paid by Nike? Then he would have informatuon. Or does a search committee need to be formed to find the perfect Question Asking Vice Provost?

    • I don't know... says:

      It’s Altman’s job to not know, like if players rape someone he especially needs to not know. If a player gets a bit too much help on their homework from an “athletic advisor” he needs to not know. If a player steals, does a bunch of drugs or gets into a fight, he really needs to not know. It can be a hard job sometimes to not know all of these things, but that is why his pay is so high. He only needs to know after you already know, and then he can’t comment, which is a whole other job responsibility.

      • uomatters says:

        Thanks, I get it now! Not many people are willing to not know what they know, and many businesses need people not to know what they know, so it’s no wonder Altman is paid so well. It’s just supply and demand. Not that I’m an economist.

  2. Lamp says:

    Let’s keep in mind that Avenatti has been charged with trying to extort Nike. https://www.cnn.com/2019/03/25/politics/michael-avenatti/index.html

  3. Anas clypeata says:

    “a … alumni”? Is this part of the new gender-pronoun language? Are there a Classics professor and a Gender Studies professor who can team up to teach a multidisciplinary course on this topic?

    Some of us [former students] are curious and want to be sensitive to Latin-speaking (not to be confused with Latino, Latina, Latinx, or Latinthey) community members of all genders.