State employees get big wage increases

From the Salem Reporter here:

State employees got a win unlike anything they have seen since before the recession with the legislature dedicating $200 million to pay increases.

That money allowed Service Employees International Union Local 503 to negotiate a two-year contract with the state that gives a 10 to 15 automatic pay increase, a 3 percent cost-of-living-adjustment and a freeze on insurance premiums to 24,000 state employees. The contract was agreed upon Friday, but is still being drafted. …

My understanding is that the negotiations for the university’s SEIU staff are separate, and are not going well. I don’t have a recent report on the GTFF bargaining but wouldn’t be surprised if they strike in the fall. Faculty union bargaining starts in January.

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  1. Fishwrapper says:

    The negotiations for higher ed classified staff are separate. According the latest purple headlines in my inbox (an “update” with week-old information showed up today), the collective university proposal

    proposed a huge increase to our healthcare costs. The proposal raises the “premium share,” which is a monthly payment for healthcare that comes out of your check. An increase in the premium share is a cut to your take home pay.

    If this proposal goes into effect, members will see $70.00 to $250.77 per month cut from their pay.

    There was a rally for classified employees last month at PSU, and another is schedule for next week at OSU. Meanwhile, the Presidents all got their raises…

  2. Dog says:

    off topic but your latest poll

    states this

    “Did the Trustees fail in fiduciary due diligence …”

    it doesn’t matter what follows since the answer to
    the generic header is Universally YES

    What a gang of totally uncritical people … that’s what
    oversite is?

    oh yeah, GTFF union talks not going well, one of my grads
    is one of the leaders. Our admin sucks big-time simultaneously while its head is way up its ass – and I believe that’s illegal in Kansas

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