RG’s Jordyn Brown obtains public records detailing layoffs

In the RG here:

Departments that saw the most job cuts, according documents received through a public records request, were Campus Planning and Facility Management with five positions impacted, the School of Music and Dance’s Oregon Bach Festival with four jobs eliminated, and the Business Affairs office and the Lundquist College of Business with three positions cut each.

Document here:

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11 Responses to RG’s Jordyn Brown obtains public records detailing layoffs

  1. Richard Bohloff says:

    Sorry, I must have slept through a meeting. Does UOPD need a new rocket launcher, or does Athletics need a football made out of solid gold? Either way thank you for your shared sacrifices.

  2. Anonymous says:

    It would be interesting to follow up with those affected and see how many had made complaints against wage discrimination, harassment, etc. You will see an unsettling trend…

    • Inquiring Minds says:

      If there is actual evidence of this connection, then a report should be made with the Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries for retaliation.

  3. darby says:

    It would be interesting to see a list of classified positions that have been left unfilled as well.

    How many administrative positions are left unfilled in the same time period?

    How many administrative positions have been created? Or split into multiple positions?

    How many classified positions are/have been directly or indirectly made OA?

    Unfilled classified position example: Arborist

    Our arborist retired and the position is left unfilled. The results are apparent. Look at the west of the two magnificent oak trees on Franklin Blvd, next to LISB. That tree has a huge amount of dead wood, increasing all the time. Not being maintained, it will have to eventually get cut down. I guess if they let both trees deteriorate and remove them, they’ll be able to expand LISB.

    • honest Uncle Bernie says:

      You’ve probably noticed how more and more of the open space on campus is being filled in with buildings, almost inevitably less attractive. I wonder, with you, whether the remaining trees and green space are seen as more of a nuisance, and opportunity for expansion, than as very valuable aspects of campus.

      The UO campus is becoming less and less attractive, in my opinion, in contrast to more spacious, and better planned places such as OSU and UWash.

  4. Anonymous says:

    This is not completely accurate. I know of several important positions that are being vacated by retirements and resignations, and will not be filled.

  5. Inquiring Minds says:

    FWIW I believe that the law faculty support manager (OA) retired and was not replaced. So not “reassigned”

  6. Darby says:

    Today: careers.uoregon.edu

    12 classified staff <———
    1 coach
    20 Faculty – Career
    18 Faculty – Other
    96 Faculty – Pro Tempore
    10 Faculty – Tenure track
    90 Officer of Administrator <———–
    1 UOPD

    Still 0 Custodians, though we have plenty of temp custodians who receive no benefits…

    Still 0 Arborists, so we can contract out cutting them down after they become dangerous from lack of maintenance

    • Classified says:

      Why so many OAs? Are they trying to eliminate classified positions??

      • Cavernous Yawn says:

        I think the OA positions are a little misleading because they’re kept open after the application deadline has passed and aren’t taken down until the position is actually filled.

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