Pres Schill worried about Trustees’ lack of due diligence at tuition increase meeting

At least I assume that’s what he’s complaining about. From the RG here:

“I’m committed to working with our graduate students, with our classified staff, and faculty,” Schill said. “I do worry as we move forward in these contract negotiations about the type of behavior we saw at our last (board) meeting. I worry that this could intensify the culture. … We’re a community.” A community, he said, that only works if there is joint cooperation.

I was at that meeting, and the lack of engagement from the trustees was indeed concerning. They rubber-stamped the tuition increase without any substantial discussion or questions about UO’s real budget situation and spending priorities.

The incurious culture that UO’s board has developed under the leadership of Chuck Lillis and Angela Wilhelms is a problem – some might even call it disrespectful to the university community – and it certainly doesn’t help us with the legislature. Fortunately ASUO and the unions are stepping up with the kinds of skeptical questions that will need to be answered if the administration wants to regain some trust.

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