Duck budget bucket full to the brim

These are the 2018-2019 forecasts for the Athletic Department $120,584,750 in operating expenses, $120,584,750 in revenue. This is ignoring the ~$5M in subsidies from the academic side for the Jock Box, President Schill’s skybox, Lorraine Davis, etc. The ~$1.5M subsidy for the Hayward Field utility tunnel is buried somewhere else.

Some partial compensation data for the athletic department from spring 2019 (doesn’t include bonuses, DAC  & CC membership, family travel, etc.). It totals $28,055,867:

last_name first_name base_salary total_comp academic_title
Altman Dana D $2,500,000 $2,506,000 Head Men’s Basketball Coach
Altman Dana D $6,000 $2,506,000 Courtesy Car Stipend
Cristobal Mario $2,500,000 $2,500,000 Head Football Coach
Leavitt James P $1,700,000 $1,703,600 Assistant Football Coach
Leavitt James P $3,600 $1,703,600 Courtesy Car Stipend
Arroyo Marcus $825,000 $828,600 Assistant Football Coach
Arroyo Marcus $3,600 $828,600 Courtesy Car Stipend
Mullens Robert A $780,189 $787,389 Dir Intercollegiate Athletics
Mullens Robert A $7,200 $787,389 Courtesy Car Stipend
Salavea Joseph $650,000 $653,600 Assistant Football Coach
Salavea Joseph $3,600 $653,600 Courtesy Car Stipend
Graves Kelly L $650,000 $650,000 Head Women’s Basketball Coach
Heyward Keith $600,000 $603,600 Assistant Football Coach
Heyward Keith $3,600 $603,600 Courtesy Car Stipend
Horton George E $500,000 $500,000 Head Baseball Coach
Williams Donte A $400,000 $403,600 Assistant Football Coach
Williams Donte A $3,600 $403,600 Courtesy Car Stipend
Stubblefield Anthony G $400,000 $400,000 Assist Men’s Basketball Coach
Lombardi Melissa K $325,000 $375,436 Head Softball Coach
Lombardi Melissa K $50,436 $375,436 Softball Camp Overload
Mastro James E $367,000 $370,600 Assistant Football Coach
Mastro James E $3,600 $370,600 Courtesy Car Stipend
Wilson William K $350,000 $353,600 Assistant Football Coach
Wilson William K $3,600 $353,600 Courtesy Car Stipend
Johnson Robert A $350,000 $350,000 Head Coach M&W Track Field
Mirabal Alejandro J $350,000 $350,000 Assistant Football Coach
Williams Robert $350,000 $350,000 Assistant Football Coach
Johnson Michael E $335,000 $335,000 Assistant Football Coach
Feld Aaron W $310,000 $310,000 Strength & Conditioning Coord
McKenna Kevin R $300,000 $300,000 Assist Men’s Basketball Coach
Lananna Vincent J $289,855 $289,855 Associate Athletic Director
Mennenga Michael M $280,000 $280,000 Asst Men’s Basketball Coach
Roedl Eric L $265,200 $265,200 Deputy Athletic Director
Davis Lorraine G $234,370 $234,370 Special Assistant to AD
Martin Casey M $227,500 $232,300 Head Men’s Golf Coach
Martin Casey M $4,800 $232,300 Courtesy Car Stipend
Peterson Lisa L $204,376 $209,176 Deputy Athletic Director/SWA
Peterson Lisa L $4,800 $209,176 Courtesy Car Stipend
Campbell Mark J $204,000 $204,000 Assoc Head Women’s BB Coach
Duncan Michael P $181,023 $185,823 Sr Assc AD Operations & Events
Duncan Michael P $4,800 $185,823 Courtesy Car Stipend
Skaggs Gregory C $181,800 $181,800 Director of Athletic Medicine
Radcliffe James C $181,622 $181,622 Head Strength Coach
Cohn Henry J $178,500 $178,500 Sr Assoc AD for Development
Dietrich Jason E $171,259 $174,859 Pitching Coach/Recruiting Coor
Dietrich Jason E $3,600 $174,859 Courtesy Car Stipend
Uhlman Jason A $160,712 $164,312 Assistant Baseball Coach
Uhlman Jason A $3,600 $164,312 Courtesy Car Stipend
Hawkins Jeffrey N $131,745 $161,245 Ar Assc AD/HDC Admin & Ops
Hawkins Jeffrey N $29,500 $161,245 Performance Stipend
Delaney Jace A $160,000 $160,000 Dir of Perf & Sports Science
Stanton James T $155,040 $159,840 Senior Assoc Athletic Dir Communications
Stanton James T $4,800 $159,840 Courtesy Car Stipend
Ulmer Matthew D $155,000 $155,000 Head VB/Beach VB Coach
Berry Jodie R $149,152 $152,752 Asst Women’s Basketball Coach
Berry Jodie R $3,600 $152,752 Courtesy Car Stipend
Shults Justin R $118,000 $151,600 Assistant Softball Coach
Shults Justin R $30,000 $151,600 Softball Camp Overload
Shults Justin R $3,600 $151,600 Courtesy Car Stipend
Yamanaka Herbert S $148,067 $148,067 Associate AD
Sykes Jody M $142,794 $147,594 Sr Assoc AD, Chief Compliance
Sykes Jody M $4,800 $147,594 Courtesy Car Stipend
Shea Devon M $143,125 $146,725 Assoc AD Facilities & Events
Shea Devon M $3,600 $146,725 Courtesy Car Stipend
Taylor Curtis A $135,000 $138,600 Assoc Hd Coach M&W Track Field
Taylor Curtis A $3,600 $138,600 Courtesy Car Stipend
Langenfeld Megan D $100,000 $133,600 Assistant Softball Coach
Langenfeld Megan D $30,000 $133,600 Softball Camp Overload
Langenfeld Megan D $3,600 $133,600 Courtesy Car Stipend
Brooks Stephanie L $64,448 $127,658 Athletic Trainer
Brooks Stephanie L $63,210 $127,658 Instructional Overload
Lehman-Winters Helen L $120,000 $123,600 Assoc Hd Coach M&W Track Field
Thomas Benjamin D $120,000 $123,600 Assoc Hd Coach M&W Track Field
Lehman-Winters Helen L $3,600 $123,600 Courtesy Car Stipend
Thomas Benjamin D $3,600 $123,600 Courtesy Car Stipend
Mertz Katherine H $118,000 $122,800 Head Women’s Soccer Coach
Mertz Katherine H $4,800 $122,800 Courtesy Car Stipend
Field Stephen L $122,388 $122,388 Director of Recruiting
Schyllander Nils J $120,000 $120,000 Head Men’s Tennis Coach
Jamieson Joshua A $115,815 $119,415 Dir of Men’s Basketball Ops
Jamieson Joshua A $3,600 $119,415 Courtesy Car Stipend
Fisher Justin J $116,580 $116,580 Asst Athletic Dir, Development
Radley Derek $110,000 $110,000 Head Women’s Golf Coach
Mansfield Mary Ellen $106,639 $106,639 Asst AD-Budget & Business Svcs
Butler Christopher P $105,000 $105,000 Asst AD for Information Tech
VanBecelaere Evan P $105,000 $105,000 Asst Strength & Conditon Coach
Gamble Chelsea R $100,000 $104,800 Head Women’s Lacrosse Coach
Gamble Chelsea R $4,800 $104,800 Courtesy Car Stipend
Smith Jody L $104,156 $104,156 Assistant Athletic Director
Clever John W $103,331 $103,331 Executive Asst AD, Compliance
Murray Kimberly $103,057 $103,057 Assistant AD Development
Fyle Matthew S $102,000 $102,000 Asst Strength Condition Coach
Lopez Xavier $97,627 $101,227 Asst Women’s Basketball Coach
Lopez Xavier $3,600 $101,227 Courtesy Car Stipend
Noyer Matthew M $100,797 $100,797 Director of Football Ops
Broadstone Courtney N $100,000 $100,000 Head Women’s Tennis Coach
Smith Jerrold L $98,828 $98,828 Radio Announcer
Terrell Kimberley S $98,238 $98,238 Assoc Dir Athletic Medicine
Groscup Leslie E $96,918 $96,918 Senior Dir of Arena Operations
Arends Thomas P $96,900 $96,900 Director of Player Personnel
Covington Samuel J $94,350 $94,350 Dir of Athletic Facilities Sys
Steil Kevin P $93,442 $93,442 Assoc Dir Ath Med/Football
Blood William N $92,700 $92,700 Exec Asst AD Business Ops
Pierson Patrick S $92,700 $92,700 Assoc Ath Dir Communications
Pohl Steven A $90,537 $90,537 Video Coordinator
Dillard Erika M $86,700 $90,300 Assitant Volleyball Coach
Dillard Erika M $3,600 $90,300 Courtesy Car Stipend
Wasson Aaron T $88,736 $88,736 Asst AD Equipment & Champion
Brewer John C $88,087 $88,087 Asst AD for Marketing & Sales
Campbell Charles R $87,358 $87,358 Event Fire Protection Mgr
Henson Seth H $82,000 $85,600 Asst Men’s & Women’s T&F Coach
Henson Seth H $3,600 $85,600 Courtesy Car Stipend
Ruckwardt Mark E $83,752 $83,752 Exec Asst AD Human Resources
Schaffeld Joe C $83,066 $83,066 Special Projects
Klein Jacqueline M $52,000 $82,000 Dir Softball Operations
Klein Jacqueline M $30,000 $82,000 Softball Camp Overload
Williams Shaud R $81,600 $81,600 Asst Strength Conditional Coach
Broders Jonathan M $77,548 $81,148 Director of Development
Broders Jonathan M $3,600 $81,148 Courtesy Car Stipend
Brooks Leanne R $81,136 $81,136 Asst AD Academic Eligibility
Whitsitt Erik M $76,376 $79,976 Assistant Track & Field Coach
Whitsitt Erik M $3,600 $79,976 Courtesy Car Stipend
Sargeant John E $79,944 $79,944 Dir Food & Beverage Concess Sv
Harris Jason R $75,000 $78,600 Asst AD, Ticket Sales & Serv
Harris Jason R $3,600 $78,600 Courtesy Car Stipend
Steele Jillian K $74,753 $78,353 Asst AD for Track & Field Ops
Steele Jillian K $3,600 $78,353 Courtesy Car Stipend
LaBounty Scott B $77,784 $77,784 Assistant AD/Video Services
Strand Victoria R $76,684 $76,684 Dir Of Athletic Events Srvs
Dillon Mark A $76,500 $76,500 Asst Strength & Cond Coach
Walker Gregory S $74,830 $74,830 Assoc Director Media Services
Toy Roger C $74,578 $74,578 GM Concessions Autzen & Mo
Halseth Travis J $62,220 $74,220 Athletic Trainer
Halseth Travis J $12,000 $74,220 Conf Injury Data Stipend
Farr Kenneth S $73,248 $73,248 Football Equipment Admin
Vanorsdel Kari J $73,097 $73,097 Director of Food Operations
Harbert Katherine E $72,010 $72,010 Asst AD Student-Ath Develop
Santos Holly F $70,884 $70,884 Asst AD, DAF Operations
Lopez Megan M $67,183 $70,783 Dir of Women’s BB Operations
Lopez Megan M $3,600 $70,783 Courtesy Car Stipend
Martins Emanuel M $69,901 $69,901 Assoc Head Womens Soccer Coach
Smith Dustin E $68,680 $68,680 Football Video Coordinator
Motta Joseph V $67,450 $67,450 Director Facility Operations
Jamieson Clayton E $63,089 $67,089 Athletic Trainer
Jamieson Clayton E $4,000 $67,089 Conf Injury Data Stipend
Butler David R $66,300 $66,300 Assistant Volleyball Coach
Price Nicole L $65,000 $65,000 Asst Women’s Lacrosse Coach
Lanning Bradley E $64,978 $64,978 Assistant Men’s Golf Coach
Jorgensen Laura A $64,654 $64,654 Asst AD/Director of Ticket Ops
Wagner Carolyn M $60,770 $64,370 Dir Annual Giving Duck Ath Fun
Wagner Carolyn M $3,600 $64,370 Courtesy Car Stipend
Embree Thomas R $62,721 $62,721 Athletic Trainer
Phillips Joshua E $62,500 $62,500 Asst AD Creative&Digital Media
Winters Da’Vell A $62,500 $62,500 Assistant Director Football
Won Keenyn M $57,000 $61,800 Head Acro & Tumbling Coach
Won Keenyn M $4,800 $61,800 Courtesy Car Stipend
Davis Mark C $61,200 $61,200 Asst Strength Condition Coach
Robinson Elizabeth L $57,500 $61,100 Assistant Women’s Tennis Coach
Robinson Elizabeth L $3,600 $61,100 Courtesy Car Stipend
Moseley Robert J $61,083 $61,083 Editor in Chief
Batley James W $57,217 $60,817 Sr Assoc Dir of Development
Batley James W $3,600 $60,817 Courtesy Car Stipend
Sigler Andrew M $60,636 $60,636 Sr Assoc Dir of Development
Wilson Grant $56,556 $60,556 Athletic Trainer
Wilson Grant $4,000 $60,556 Conf Injury Data Stipend
Halseth Heather R $60,030 $60,030 Athletic Trainer
Asisi Funaki T $60,000 $60,000 Assistant Director Football
McKay Benjamin A $60,000 $60,000 Sports Science Coordinator
Heim Joshua A $59,950 $59,950 Assistant Director Football
Spencer Arron R $56,175 $59,775 Assistant Men’s Tennis Coach
Spencer Arron R $3,600 $59,775 Courtesy Car Stipend
Malme Christopher N $58,866 $58,866 Senior Assoc Dir of Development
Noyer Cassidy J $57,570 $57,570 Assistant Director Football
Crockett Lauren C $53,560 $57,160 Assoc Dir of Admin, Events
Crockett Lauren C $3,600 $57,160 Courtesy Car Stipend
Gottfried Timothy C $56,560 $56,560 Gen Mngr Concessions-MKA
Verdugo Alexander $55,957 $55,957 Assistant Director Football
Miles Kenneth S $55,282 $55,282 Assoc Director Communications
Jackson Nia J $54,060 $54,060 Dir Creativity Womens BBall
Smith Terrence C $53,990 $53,990 Director of Ticket Sales
Vaughn Monica R $50,000 $53,600 Assistant Women’s Golf Coach
Vaughn Monica R $3,600 $53,600 Courtesy Car Stipend
Barrientos Christian $53,000 $53,000 Interim Football Ops Syst Mgr
Oshiro Tracy C $52,887 $52,887 Athletic Trainer
Walton James D $52,412 $52,412 Dir of Baseball Operations
Kendrick Erica B $52,186 $52,186 Athletic Trainer
DeMartini Michael J $51,500 $51,500 Asst Dir Business Office
Gomez Vanessa $51,123 $51,123 Athletic Trainer
Look Kodi W $51,000 $51,000 Asst Director of Football Ops
Kirby Jessica M $50,684 $50,684 Dir of Operations for VB & LAX
Dougherty Charles D $50,410 $50,410 Operations Supervisor
Clinton Arne R $50,000 $50,000 Operations Supervisor
Eaton Jeffrey P $50,000 $50,000 Asst Strength Condition Coach
Terai Guysen S $50,000 $50,000 Asst Strength & Cond Coach
Callaghan Thomas $49,809 $49,809 Production Manager
Robertson Megan B $49,029 $49,029 Dir, Promotions & Gameday Exp
Wardsworth Katherine G $45,000 $48,600 Director of Track & Field Ops
Wardsworth Katherine G $3,600 $48,600 Courtesy Car Stipend
Jupe Nikki M $48,450 $48,450 Senior Sports Dietitian
Stewart Jeffrey L $47,594 $47,594 Assoc Dir of Ticket Operations
Hinton Tyler P $47,301 $47,301 Asst Dir Athletic Compliance
Lewis Cris M $47,000 $47,000 Assistant Women’s Soccer Coach
Manseau-Toth Julia R $46,920 $46,920 Event Manager
Cross Alexis N $46,683 $46,683 Assoc Dir Dev Women in Flight
Waltasti Joseph F $45,911 $45,911 Asst Dir Ath Communications
Rogers Joseph D $45,125 $45,125 Matt Knight Equipment Mgr
Harlee Jessica N $45,000 $45,000 Coord Student-Athletic Devel
Salemo Anna F $45,000 $45,000 Asst Women’s Lacrosse Coach
Grotefend Cynthia A $43,038 $43,038 Luxury Suites Service Manager
Hughes Taylor A $42,650 $42,650 Sports Dietitian
Lawson Zachary D $42,500 $42,500 Asst Director Athletic Comms
Lockett Dana J $41,395 $41,395 Cheer Advis/Prod Asst
Frieler Bethany J $40,594 $40,594 Junior Sports Dietitian
Sylvester Jordan E $40,594 $40,594 Junior Sports Dietitian
James William F $40,117 $40,117 Concessions Event Manager
Harrer Janice M $40,000 $40,000 Assist Beach Volleyball Coach
Groen Brielle N $38,760 $38,760 Coord of Athletic Admin
Krueger Nathan J $38,494 $38,494 Asst Director Athletic Comms
Fraser Elise J $37,911 $37,911 Assistant Events Manager
Herteg Lee R $37,512 $37,512 Asst Dir Promo & Gameday Exper
Tacey Anthony C $36,465 $36,465 Asst Dir of Ticket Operations
Jeffries Jacqueline S $35,700 $35,700 Asst Acro and Tumbling Coach
Morill Allen $35,578 $35,578 Asst MBB Conditioning Coach
Sanders Kenneth $12,000 $12,000 Moving Expense Stipend


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21 Responses to Duck budget bucket full to the brim

  1. eugenenative says:

    Herb Yamamaka is making $150k/yr. He’s got to be 80+ years old. What does he do for that salary?

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  2. Canard says:

    When similar arguments were being made years ago, a former president said that while his personal inclination would be to spend less on athletics, that just isn’t how the world works; if you object to the football coach’s salary, your problem isn’t with the UO, it’s with American society. Big-time college athletics is a business in a market-based economy, and that’s what you pay to get the talent so you can be competitive.

    I agreed that this was the sad reality for the revenue-generating sports of football and basketball and a few others, but did we need to be competitive in the more obscure, money-losing sports that have few supporters? Could we really argue that the golf program brings in all those out of state undergrad fans paying full tuition? My personal benchmark has always been the Assistant Volleyball Coach’s salary. And I’m happy to note that for the first time ever, through decades of shear perseverance, my salary has finally surpassed that level. I can now contentedly contemplate my retirement, basking in having achieved this milestone.

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    • Anon says:

      This apparently is a common conclusion among former Univ presidents . Somewhere on the web is a discussion by 4 former presidents of the lessons they learned: # 1 appears to be the high importance of intercollegiate athletics. maybe not the Univ of Chicago, and a few others but yes, state schools.

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    • thedude says:

      My guess is we’d get more out of state students aggressively funding club teams students can join that feature the outdoors.

      Cut sports no one watches and focus on

      1. Outdoor club
      2. MTB club
      3. Track clubs
      4. Other arts
      5. E-sports (video games)

      Let them major in econ, business, data science.

      Create new majors in digital media (go pro editing), get outdoors, etc, places they spend their time anyways,

      If we’re going to be a “country club” for rich out of state students, lets be a club for the people writing the checks.

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  3. Anonymous says:

    why doesn’t phillips just double is salary by also being the baseball coach. I mean its the same job, your just moving pieces around on a playing field …

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    • Fishwrapper says:

      Don’t be ridiculous. Being a good baseball coach is nowhere near as easy as being a good provost.

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  4. XDH says:

    It would be interesting to see the comparison of athletics to the UO’s Knight Campus pet project hires. I bet most of them are a 0.05-0.15 Dana Altman/Mario Cristobal….

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  5. Inquiring Minds says:

    Generally I wouldn’t get too agitated by car stipends. I would assume/hope that the stipends are in lieu of the $.58/mile federal reimbursement for mileage, and for people that travel a lot, its probably cost neutral.

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  6. DTL says:

    Geez, car stipends for the total $210,000 (modulo typo). Altman gets a $6K car stipend? Nice!

    OK, $210,000 car stipends for athletics… Let’s add ALL the car stipends for EVERYONE on campus.

    Lowest paid, GE & Classified, get targeted for crap/no COLA’s, more gouging for health insurance, stagnant wages for 27% topped out classified, while admin and athletics get nice COLA’s, fabulous raises, freaking car stipends that are more than three months’ entire salary for peons.


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  7. ScienceDuck says:

    It is good to remember that the head football coach is in charge of a “business” that has $100 million in revenue. The median compensation for companies with $100-$250 million in revenue is…wait…just $528,000?

    How about non-profits? The median salary of heads of non-profits in the highest revenue class (>$10 million) was $190,000.

    Football coaches are really in a pay grade of their own, disconnected from any kind of downward pressure to keep the salary at a reasonable level.

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    • thedude says:

      That’s mostly because they can’t pay the players.

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    • honest Uncle Bernie says:

      A better comparison is with the AD. That is a much more modest salary.

      The head coach is as much a performer as an executive, or more. Kind of like a conductor of a symphony orchestra.

      You might not like it, and I might not either, but the market says what the head coach is worth in the market. A lot.

      We can eat our envious hearts out, it doesn’t matter.

      Personally, I would much rather have a Nobel prize.

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      • ScienceDuck says:

        I think coaching salaries are driven upwards because there is no downside for the AD to pay more. As thedude said, they don’t pay the players, and there is no pressure to keep money for a rainy day or support student tuition with it. So when boosters demand wins and there is no pressure to rein in costs, we end up with high salaries to people like Leavitt who is getting $1.7 million for coaching…at FSU. That isn’t the market, it is more akin to CEOs being golf friends with the board that sets their salary and getting outlandish compensation unconnected to performance.

        I’m not speaking from envy. I feel sadness that a university mismanages its cash cow and asks students to dig deeper into debt, maybe take on another late night shift while trying study. It pushes staff and grad students to strike over matters that are fractions of coaching salaries. All because they see tuition dollars as easier to exploit than trying to hold back coaching salaries.

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        • uomatters says:

          Thanks, comment of the week. As Milton Friedman said, there’s nothing easier than spending other people’s money on your friends.

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      • Anonymous says:

        Nobel Prize isn’t putting butts in the seats.

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        • ScienceDuck says:

          But a Nobel Prize does enhance the university’s research reputation, which would bump up a couple of notches in the US News rankings, which would increase applicants and enrollment by a non-zero amount over a long period of time. Compare that to hiring Helfrich/Taggart/Cristobal/ and getting up and down results. Most schools pay millions to get a coach, get less than desired, and end up hiring another coach while continuing to pay off the previous one or two. Even “sure fire” coaches like Harbaugh have had sub-par results at $7 million a year. If Michigan had invested in a future Nobel winner like Jennifer Doudna instead they’d have the licensing rights to a billion dollar genome editing innovation.

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        • honest Uncle Bernie says:

          Anonymous — Nobel prizes (UO has one current winner on the faculty) may or may not put “butts in seats.” But they assuredly will pull in more good students. I would wager more money too, in the long run. Maybe the money has to come first. I’m sure it’s a self-reinforcing loop.

          Science Duck — I don’t see what the coaches have to do with it. As long as Phil Knight and the fans and the TV are willing to pay for it. If Phil withdrew all his money from athletics, do you think that would free up money for academics? On the contrary, UO would be subsidizing athletics (or subsidizing it more heavily, much more) than at present.

          I would be thrilled to have more Nobelists here, either hired from other places, or home grown. Unfortunately, the people with the money to make it happen don’t seem to have that as a high priority, at least not at present. I wonder why that is?

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          • ScienceDuck says:

            I think we are living in a world where we have bought into that idea–Phil pays for it, so there is no possible better world. I totally agree we are lucky at Oregon. Can you imagine talking about tuition where the explicit athletic subsidy is $5 million, $10 million or even $40 million? At Delaware the subsidy to athletics is $2,000 per enrolled student. 50 of the 230 schools listed pay more than $20 million a year. My point is not wishful thinking that if Phil was told “no more athletics donations” he would re-double his already excellent academic donations. It is that why do we accept a world where the first priority is paying coaches? If schools agreed on reducing subsidies, or god forbid requiring that a percentage of earnings would go to the academic part of the university, then there would still be a market price for coaches, just lower.

            We are lucky at Oregon. But if the Red Queen race continues (after all, now everyone has fancy inlaid wood lockers and hologram uniform changing rooms, so millions will have to be spent on things of even less marginal utility to stand out) will those resources always be there to keep up without a subsidy? Could Oregon turn into a Delaware under the wrong circumstances? I’d like to think not, but somehow dozens of schools ended up meekly paying a bundle without a peep.

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          • Anonymous says:

            the current nobelist is 74 years old and essentially inactive
            there is currently little evidence that his presence has enhanced
            anything – hell the Knight Campus could use him as a general consultant, for instance, but clearly, that insular club knows exactly what is best.

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          • Anon says:

            Nobel prize winners are simply too scarce to be the currency of choice. But UO could pay more attention to hiring [ or growing] folks with what the National Research Council deems ‘highly prestigious honors’. UO does a little of this [ eg, it boasts about NAS, NAE, NAM and AAA&S members], but not nearly enough and not as much as other AAU schools. And it does not treat these folks nearly as well as big grant getters [ I checked a few salaries]. UO needs a culture of excellence in this sense to attract these sort of folks to campus , and keep them; yrs ago UO had 3 MacArthur Fellows in Biology; 2 went elsewhere.

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